Taylor Swift, a half-empty “Lover” – Release

Seventh album unconvincing for the country singer, entangled in a case depriving her of the rights to her first six records. With Taylor Swift, it’s rarely the intention that counts. So we are a little piqued by curiosity (nettle way), to know how she herself will define the bases of a new cultural Taylorism at … Read more

Taylor Swift’s “Fearless”: Then she just re-records all the albums

Culture Taylor Swift Then she just re-records her old albums Published on 04/06/2021 | Reading time: 2 minutes Fearless: Taylor Swift Quelle: CBS via Getty Images Everything at the beginning: Taylor Swift releases her album “Fearless” from 2008 in her own version. She is currently revising all of her early works up to 2017. Why … Read more

NASA’s Sally Ride Will Become the First Female Astronaut on the US Quarter

Rarely are first times worthy of note when it comes to minted coins. But the U.S. Mint has added NASA Astronaut Sally Ride to its “American Women Quarters” program, marking the first commemoration of a female astronaut on a U.S. quarter, according to a post on the Mint’s website. The coin will appear in 2022, … Read more

The Artist Zendaya, Faithful To Her Speech In Defense Of Feminism

There is no doubt that Zendaya has become an iconic figure for teenagers who are growing up with her roles in movies and series. Your participation in Euphoria It has made its success explode in a massive way, thus also becoming the spokesperson for the current generation. Aware of the speaker she has, the artist … Read more

Was aerobics a liberation for women or the beginning of a new bondage? | Wellness, Feminism, Fashion

“Are you ready?”. Just a few seconds into the beginning of the video, the first cry of “Are you ready?” It foreshadows the busy content that will take place in the next few minutes. A sequence shot follows the choreography designed to the millimeter, based on warm-ups and splits on metal bars following the rhythm … Read more

“My hobby is being able to take a shower”: why women continue to carry the family mental burden | Feminism

Just a couple of weeks ago, while I was taking the bitch out in the middle of the morning, I met two men sitting on a bench and each cradling their baby’s stroller. They spoke of lack of sleep and shared their views on weaning because one of their women was considering giving up the … Read more