Magdalena Andersson re-elected Prime Minister of Sweden after parliamentary fiasco

Magdalena Andersson, November 24, 2021, in Stockholm. PONTUS LUNDAHL / TT / AP So this time is the right one. After an incredible election-resignation in the space of seven hours last week, Swedish Social Democrat leader Magdalena Andersson was re-elected prime minister on Monday November 29 by Parliament and will be able to officially become … Read more

In Mexico, the fiasco of the sale of the presidential plane

The presidential Boeing 787, in Mexico City (Mexico), December 3, 2018. ALEJANDRO MELENDEZ / AFP LETTER FROM MEXICO It was the emblem of the struggle of the Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (“AMLO”), against the “privileges” of his predecessors. The sale of the gleaming presidential plane turns into a fiasco, for lack of purchaser. … Read more

Market: Griezmann au Bara, a monumental fiasco – Football

Two years after his arrival, Antoine Griezmann left FC Barcelona to return to Atletico Madrid. A return to the Spanish capital which further confirms the resounding fiasco represented by his visit to Catalonia. Griezmann left FC Barcelona through the back door. 22 goals and 10 decisive assists in 46 games, a victory offered in the … Read more

France team: the elimination, Benzema, his decision … The truths of Deschamps after the Euro fiasco – Football

For the first time since the failure of the Euro, the selector Didier Deschamps spoke this Friday in a long interview rich in lessons agreed L’Equipe. Deschamps decided to stay despite the failure of the Euro. His speech was expected and took place this Friday! Almost two months after the elimination in the round of … Read more

Mars Rover Sampling Fiasco Blamed on Poor Rock

Drill hole from Perseverance’s first sample-collection attempt on Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS via AP CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA is blaming unusually soft rock for last week’s sampling fiasco on Mars. The Perseverance rover came up empty after attempting to collect its first core sample on the red planet for eventual return to Earth. Data beamed … Read more

In the Ardennes, the fiasco of the relocation of Mercier cycles, stopped by the State

Former industrial wastelands of Revin on January 3, 2020. AURELIEN LAUDY PHOTOGRAPHER JOURNAL L’UNION-ARDENNAIS / PHOTOPQR / L’UNION DE REIMS “The Ardennes boar, our emblem, is courageous and tenacious, but it does not get fooled that easily. The people of the Ardennes don’t like being made fun of. “ Like other citizens and local actors … Read more