GF Vip, love between Amedeo Goria and Vera? For now, only quarrels. Live, Amedeo thundered: “Apologize to Guenda”

“Love is not beautiful if it is not a quarrel” goes an old proverb. But there are those who exaggerate, putting love in second place. The “couple” more chat of the last few weeks, Amedeo Goria and Vera Miales, protagonist of bizarre scene televisive, come back to talk about himself. The last act of their … Read more

Science Fiction, Space And Robots In These Disney + Movies

Beyond the classics or the best movies in history, we collect science fiction movies on Disney Plus that cover all possible types, genres, audiences. From classic sagas like Alien or Star Wars to Marvel movies or blockbusters like Avatar but also other less known and original and exclusive to the platform if you are looking … Read more

from fiction to reality, space tourism in “Le Monde”

William Shatner in the series “Star Trek”, in 1984. SCREEN PROD / PHOTONONSTOP Din the television series Star Trek, whose broadcast began in September 1966 in the United States, actor William Shatner played the iconic Captain Kirk, the hero at the head of the spacecraft USS Enterprise. This Wednesday, October 13, the 90-year-old comedian, boarded, … Read more

“Temporario” And The Secrets Of The Return Of National Fiction To Uruguayan Television

The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers Subscribe me Know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Pay in If you are already a subscriber you canenter with your username and password. Uruguayan television, which is experiencing a boom in local adaptations of international formats, has been indebted to fiction. A … Read more

Best science fiction movies

Today’s science fiction films are the part of the genre that has the greatest potential and the part that is exploited in the most detailed and profound way. from Dune by Frank Herbert, which arrived as one of the year’s greatest productions, until EnterpriseThe much-anticipated Apple TV+ series. the odds big futuristic themes and related … Read more

Audiences: “Good Doctor” beaten by the fiction of F2, “Call for witnesses” back down on M6

On Wednesday evening, France 2 came out on top of the prime time audiences with an unprecedented unit, “We do not erase memories”. Annelise Hesme in the role of an amnesic mother of a family has convinced 3.69 million curious according to Médiamétrie, for a market share of 18.1% (7.8% on the FRDA-50). Last week, … Read more

Opinion: To boldly go – how science fiction inspires space exploration

Updated Sep 7th 2021, 9:00 AM EVEN IF YOU’VE never read or watched any science fiction, you have an idea of what it looks like. Its emblematic form is the ‘space opera,’ which emerged from the pulp magazine explosion of the 1920s, and evolved during the so-called Golden Age of sci-fi (roughly up to the … Read more

Fiction crisis at Danmarks Radio, the creator of “Borgen” and “The Killing”

Sofia Helin in the Danish series “Bron”, currently available on SARUN NOREN / ARTE.TV Borgen, The Killing, Bron, Les Héritiers, Les Initiates … All these Danish series have one thing in common: they came out of the incredible factory with international success that has long been the fiction department of the public broadcasting group … Read more

13 Great Science Fiction Series And Movies That You Can See On Disney + (and That Are Not Marvel Or Star Wars)

When Disney + landed in Spain, we did a little over a year an exhaustive review throughout its catalog in search of jewelry that did not come from its two most successful franchises. We found a good number of classics and cult films, but it is that over time and the Disney + catalog has … Read more

Early reviews of Dune describe it as “a science fiction masterpiece”

The first reviews of Dune come from the Venice Film Festival, where the new by Denis Villeneuve was premiered. Although it might seem that a movie like Dune doesn’t quite fit in with the schedule you might expect to see at a festival like Venice, lDenis Villenueve’s new film is one of the film events … Read more