Amazing! These are the faces of the artists who filled the GTV anniversary during the 19th era: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The lively Mega Imagination Stage of Amazing 19 will be even more lively with the presence of a number of well-known artists. There will even be celebrity voice actors for the GTV Anniversary while they are still #19Years. Quoted from the Instagram @officialgtvid reels, the faces of the GTV Anniversary voice actors will … Read more

The Marvels Movie Filled With Many Seductive Scenes : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The Captain Marvel sequel, officially titled The Marvels, will be Brie Larson’s second solo film as Captain Marvel. Although he has not been able to divulge many plot details, Brie said that this film will have a lot of ‘juicy’ or fresh scenes. Brie’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Captain Marvel, which was … Read more

Swimming Pool Filled With Gallon Water, Shandy Aulia Makes Boy William Annoyed : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Beautiful actress Shandy Aulia apparently has an interesting story when she went through the filming process first. The reason, Shandy asked the entire crew to drain the pool that will be used for the swimming scene. Worse, Shandy Aulia asked to replace the entire contents of the pool with gallon water. Shandy Aulia … Read more

Tomáš Fiala – We are glad that we filled the words Brutal Assault with a new meaning with our festival

We met with Tomáš Fiala from the Obscure Promotion agency at their first event this year, the Obscure Mosh mini-festival in Modrá Vopice, Prague. A month before the start of the more modest version of Brutal Assault, called Josefstadt for this year, the themes were clear: what to expect from the show this year and … Read more