Pulsar fires up a UK-built hybrid rocket engine • The Register

UK nuclear fusion outfit Pulsar Fusion has fired up a chemical rocket engine running on a combination of nitrous oxide oxidiser, high-density polyethylene fuel and oxygen. The acceptance tests of the UK-built rocket were conducted at COTEC, a UK Ministry of Defence site at Salisbury Plain in southern England. We spoke to CEO of the … Read more

Fires boosted by the disappearance of large herbivores

The proliferation of mega-irons in recent years has made the science of fire a booming discipline. How to face them? How to prevent them? A team from Yale University published Thursday, November 25, in the journal Science, a study that promises to spark serious debate. In an attempt to uncover the cause, she has not … Read more

Nuclear fusion startup test fires plastic waste-powered rocket

A UK company with lofty aspirations around sustainable space travel has test-fired a rocket engine powered in part by plastic waste. Pulsar Fusion’s hybrid rocket engine is part of an ambitious journey that also involves the development of nuclear fusion technology for high-speed propulsion, which could cut travel times to Mars in half. The idea … Read more

SpaceX schedules next Starlink launch, fires up rocket for asteroid redirect mission

Update: SpaceX has successfully static fired the Falcon 9 tasked with launching DART. The rocket will now roll back to SLC-4’s integration hangar for payload installation before rolling out to the pad a second time. NASA will intentionally crash the DART spacecraft into an asteroid to see if that is an effective way to change … Read more

SpaceX fires up Starship SN20 prototype in key 6-engine test (video)

SpaceX continues to prep its latest Starship prototype for a landmark orbital test flight. The Starship SN20 vehicle ignited all six of its Raptor engines in a brief “static fire” test today (Nov. 12) at Starbase, SpaceX’s facility near the South Texas village of Boca Chica. “Good static fire with all six engines!” SpaceX founder … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio produced documentary about Pedrogão’s fires

“From Devil”s Breath” (in free translation, “From the Devil’s Breath”) is the name of the documentary that Leonardo DiCaprio produced about the 2017 fires in Pedrógão Grande. “, addresses climate change focusing on the tragedy that happened four years ago. It will be shown in two sessions at the 26th United Nations climate summit (COP26), … Read more

the mediator of the European Union is pushing the fires

European Union Ombudsperson Emily O’Reilly at the European Parliament, Strasbourg, June 9, 2021. JULIEN WARNAND / AFP It is decidedly the prevention of “slipping” in circles: Emily O’Reilly, the mediator of the European Union (EU), asked, Tuesday, October 19, the Commission of Brussels to hold a meeting in order to obtain explanations of the authorizations … Read more

Netflix fires organizer of trans employee strike motivated by controversial monologue by comedian Dave Chappelle

Published: 15 oct 2021 20:35 GMT According to the portal The Verge, it would be a pregnant African-American woman whose contract was terminated on suspicion that she had leaked sensitive data related to the controversial program ‘The Closer’ to the media. After a controversy broke out around comedian David Chappelle’s monologue ‘The Closer’ for his … Read more

5 best drop locations to rank up faster in Free Fire’s Bermuda map (September 2021)

Free Fire has an exciting ranking system for players. There are lots of different tiers with rewards and titles. Bermuda is a fan-favorite map in the game. Gamers with a good sense of where to land on the map during rank push can easily reach higher tiers. A good drop location needs to have a … Read more

Sustainable productions and ABC drama ‘Fires’: a case study

When COVID first hit in March 2020, screen productions around the world scrambled to adapt so they could make work safely and hygienically. Air miles might have plummeted, but the use of single-use plastics soared. Not to mention all the disposable masks, individually packaged meals and wet wipes used for added sanitation. Balancing the needs … Read more