Call of Duty Warzone: fix for the bug in which the list of friends is not displayed

This is all you should do if for some reason your friends list has disappeared in Warzone and you cannot invite your colleagues to play some games. Although in the past when we enjoyed our classic games we did not have error codes, now with the latest generations of titles it is likely that, especially … Read more

An easy fix to Space Force’s most glaring vulnerability – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

Rendering of a satellite in orbit. (Space X via Pexels) As shown in a recent Breaking Defense exclusive, nation-states are having tense run-ins in space with regularity. But what happens if a rival takes things a step further to knock an American satellite out of orbit? In the op-ed below, Charles Beames, executive chairman of … Read more

US Search for 80,000 Truck Drivers to Fix Supply Chain Problem | Univision News United States

Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Association told CNN that, to help fix supply chain problems that have plagued the United States, it takes around 80,000 truck drivers. It’s about a 30% increase in workers already needed before the pandemic, when a labor shortage of 61,500 drivers began to emerge. Spears pointed … Read more

Trip to space could fix back pain

Image: Pixabay A trip into space could help alleviate back pain and degenerative muscular diseases, British scientists hope. Is the next frontier of medicine in orbit? British researchers say low gravity environments in space could be a new way of treating back pain and muscular diseases. The research, which uses the low gravity (microgravity) environment … Read more

Europa League: Mwene hat Sieg bei Sturm fix eingeplant

„Wir sind von unseren Qualitäten überzeugt“, sagte Mwene vor dem Gang nach Graz-Liebenau. Unterschätzen werde man Sturm aber nicht, so der in Wien geborene Verteidiger. „Sie sind hinter Salzburg Zweiter, haben am Wochenende 3:0 gegen Rapid gewonnen“, führte Mwene an. Selbst unterlag PSV bei Willem II mit 1:2. Es war die zweite Saisonniederlage nach dem … Read more

Razer to fix Windows installer that grants admin powers if you plug in a mouse • The Register

In letter Razer is working on an updated installer after it was discovered you can gain admin privileges on Windows by plugging in one of the gaming gear maker’s mice or keyboards. In fact, inserting any USB device that declares itself a Razer mouse or keyboard will lead to an exploitable situation. As documented late … Read more

The published fiX in Braník was as old as it was in the old days

Another person who performed in the Branice Lednice in Pardubice was Vypsaná fiXa from Pardubice. The band from the famous San Piega pumped the visitors so much that they topped Between each other – they pog both senses deprivation and there was also spectator stage diving. Just a classic concert of a fixed people. Live: … Read more

Hubble Space Telescope lives: NASA fix gets backup hardware up and running

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope during deployment in 1990. NASA/Smithsonian Institution/Lockheed Corporation NASA’s beloved Hubble Space Telescope has been facing one of its greatest challenges. A technical glitch left it in safe mode for over a month. This week, NASA said it finally tracked down the source of the issue and tried a new fix, … Read more