Bellingcat, the NGO for which the truth flows from open source

Par Lucas Minisini Published today at 05:00 Reserved for our subscribers PortraitThis independent network of investigators, created in 2014, uses all the data available online to carry out its investigations, and in particular to document war crimes committed in Ukraine. After having pedaled for a few tens of meters in a deserted street, the cyclist … Read more

Austria reopens to tourist flows between 12 and 20 December, depending on the location

L’Austria becomes accessible to tourists again, vaccinated and cured, from Sunday 12 December, when the lockdown imposed by the government in recent weeks will end. “The situation has improved and the reopening will take place gradually, with careful and regional-adapted measures”, reads the website Restaurants and hotels will be able to reopen: the December … Read more

NASA finds ancient lava flows deep below Mars’ surface

Before the NASA InSight lander plunged through Mars’ atmosphere and parachuted its way down to the planet’s surface, scientists were already pretty familiar with the surface of Mars, but not what was on the inside. “We’ve got 15 years of information about the surface, we’ve measured the topography, the atmosphere, the magnetic field — but … Read more

Spain is counting on the return of Italian tourist flows

Reyes Maroto, Minister of Tourism of Spain, together with Jorge Rafael Rubio Navarro, director of the Spanish tourist board in Rome Spain further raises its bet on the Italian market, always a strategic source of significant tourist flows. A positioning, that of the Italian market, which has regained strength in this year which is leading … Read more

La Palma: volcanic eruption leaves “enormous destruction” – lava flow flows inexorably

fromTanja Banner conclude Teresa Toth conclude Even three weeks after the eruption, the volcano continues to rage at Cumbre Vieja on the island of La Palma. Part of the volcano collapsed. Large amounts of lava emerge. Update from Monday, October 11th, 2021, 8.25 a.m .: “Enormous destruction” has occurred on the Canary Island of La … Read more

one of the two lava flows has stopped

A lava flow stretches away from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, on September 23, 2021. EMILIO MORENATTI / AP One of the two lava flows from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which erupted on Sunday on the Spanish island of La Palma in the Canary archipelago, has … Read more

launch of the ‘More Fun Awaits’ campaign pending the restart of international flows

The Philippines looks to the recovery of tourism once international travel to the archipelago can resume and launches the campaign through the Department of Tourism (DOT) More Fun Awaits. The campaign is focused on communicating all of those destinations that are ready to be visited, currently only by local travelers, and which boast health and … Read more

new promotional campaign “Green Button” to encourage tourist flows

Ireland arm in arm with its closest partners, from airlines to tour operators, for the revival of tourism in the country: here is the new promotional campaign by Irish Tourism, which invites travelers to press the “Green button” to book a holiday or a short stay. An initiative focused on digital that will include a … Read more

Tuscany and Via Francigena, the positive impact on tourist flows after enhancement interventions

The positive impact on tourist flows after the restructuring, enhancement and promotion interventions conducted by Tuscany Region (in collaboration with the municipalities concerned) on the Via Francigena. This in summary is what emerges from the analysis entrusted to an Irpet study which updates the one carried out in 2014 (referring to the period 2009-2012). The … Read more

Taliban face drying up of international financial flows

Taliban in Kabul, August 17. HOSHANG HASHIMI / AFP From Saturday August 14, on the eve of the fall of Kabul, residents rushed to banks and ATMs to withdraw their assets. Without success. Sunday morning, a few hours before the fall of the capital, endless lines formed in front of banking establishments, which stopped distributing … Read more