Marco Rotelli sings an intense piece of life in the song “Free to fly”

Marco Rotelli back to the music scene after publication – a February 2021 – of the piece I wish i could fly, in duet with Carmen pierri. The new single by the Milanese singer-songwriter is called Free to fly; and it’s on the radio and in all store digital since 22 November 2021. The song … Read more

GF Vip, furious quarrel between Bortuzzo and Lulù. Knives fly: “But go after it.”

Thunder and lightning overnight in the house of the GF VIP. Lucrezia ‘Lulù’ Selassie and Manuel Bortuzzo they arrived at short irons: the swimmer Trieste who flew i knives with the ‘princess’, more and more in difficulty and more and more bewildered. After bet, Lulù repeatedly tried to get close to Bortuzzo, who, enraged by … Read more

From Poland for European satellites and rockets. Miniature GNSS receiver “ready to fly”

The orbital vehicle navigation system allows for precise determination of its relative position in the outer space and precise monitoring of the flight trajectory. GMV together with Polish partners, including The Space Research Center is developing a GNSS receiver with two applications: for light launch rockets and for micro- and nanosatellites. The device is compatible … Read more

Tomasz Rożek on the extraterrestrial ambitions of mankind. “We fly there to get to know ourselves” [WYWIAD]

Modern technologies are inextricably linked with human functioning at every step, but there are few areas that stimulate the search for new and better solutions as strongly as the sphere of space activity. Without appropriately advanced tools, exploring and “conquering” extraterrestrial space would not be possible for humans. Dynamic technological progress creates additional opportunities here … Read more

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the very rich prefer to fly in private jets

From foreground to background: a Gulfstream G650 jet, a VistaJet Bombardier Global 7500 and a Mid East Jet Boeing 737, on the tarmac at Larnaca International Airport, Cyprus, May 28, 2021. AMIR MAKAR / AFP While commercial aviation is still far from having regained its pre-health crisis activity levels, the private jet sector is doing … Read more

Rocket Report: Russia finally agrees to fly SpaceX, Firefly targets early 2022

Enlarge / Crew Dragon at sunrise on Thursday, April 28. Welcome to Edition 4.22 of the Rocket Report! Please note there will be no report next week, as the author will be taking the week off. Also, I wanted to say that Thursday marked the 50th anniversary of the British-built Black Arrow rocket successfully reaching … Read more

SpaceX: Four tourists fly into space – without professional astronauts

business “Many will follow” SpaceX flies four tourists into space for three days – without professional escort Published on 09/16/2021 | Reading time: 3 minutes For the first time, four tourists launched fully automatically into space The US space company SpaceX of Tesla founder Elon Musk has sent its first space tourists into space. With … Read more

Balloon to fly people to edge of space

Balloons have entered the space tourism race as a tech company has announced plans to float passengers to the edge of space. Flying to the stratosphere in a balloon might make the most hardened passenger queasy but the CEO and president of World View, Ryan Hartman, said it is very safe. “The ability to ascend … Read more

‘Star Trek’ star Shatner to fly to space with Jeff Bezos – report

Jewish-Canadian actor William Shatner, 90, is about to set a new record in his career. The Star Trek actor is heading off to space alongside Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in October, TMZ reported Saturday. While Shatner’s most iconic character, Star Trek’s James T. Kirk, may have made fictional Starfleet history by becoming its youngest-ever captain, the … Read more