Iconic Hawaii Mars, world’s largest flying water bomber, listed for sale for $5M

Have $5 million and a burning desire to own the world’s largest flying water bomber? The iconic Hawaii Mars, known for its years of fighting British Columbia’s wildfires, is on the market with a seven-figure price tag, according to aviation broker Platinum Fighter Sales. The listing for the 1945 Martin JRM-3 Mars lists its interior … Read more

Here’s what a flight attendant wants you to know about flying in 2021

Why is flying now so difficult and could it be worse? 0:52 (CNN) — Your list of preparations for air travel this holiday season is sure to include the following: a high-quality, comfortable face mask; sanitizer; get to the airport in advance; and easy-to-remove jacket, shoes, laptop, and toiletries for security screening.However, according to flight … Read more

Coronavirus: the “5th wave is off to a flying start,” says Gabriel Attal

“This 5th wave, it starts in a dazzling way”, estimated Gabriel Attal this Sunday, November 21, guest of the Grand Rendez-Vous on CNEWS. The spokesman for the government reporting an “increase in cases over a week of almost 80%”. “I believe that we are at 17,000 cases per day on average, with an incidence rate … Read more

Not Flying, Anji Reveals The Hardest Effects of Smoking Marijuana: Arresting Police : Okezone Celebrity

ANJI The former vocalist of Drive reveals the heaviest effects of using marijuana. What’s that? Although free from the snares of criminal law, Anji now has to undergo a period of rehabilitation at RSKO Cibubur, East Jakarta. He had to bear the consequences of using marijuana. Now, Anji is back in managing his life with … Read more

The elite Canadian pilot who’ll be flying Virgin Galactic tourists to space

Janjua in front of the VSS Imagine, in Mojave, California, at the Virgin Galactic facility (Courtesy of Quinn Tucker/Virgin Galactic) Jameel Janjua calls them “future astronauts.” That’s partly corporate speak—Virgin Galactic’s preferred term for customers who pay upward of US$450,000 for tickets to the edge of space. But coming from Janjua, the phrase sounds believable. … Read more

This One-man Flying Car Flies At 102 Km / H And Looks Like Something Out Of A ‘Star Wars’ Movie: This Is The Jetson ONE

Although there is still a little left for flying cars are a daily thing, there are many manufacturers and brands that are turning to its development. AirCar, Honda, XPeng, Uber, Lilium and PorscheTo say only a few brands, it has projects related to this technology, but the one that concerns us today is the Swiss … Read more

World View to start flying passengers on stratospheric balloon rides in 2024

Aspiring space tourists now have another option to consider. World View Enterprises is developing a balloon-based system that will carry people to the stratosphere, with the first commercial flights targeted for early 2024, the Arizona-based company announced today (Oct. 4). The typical ride will last six to eight hours and take passengers to an altitude … Read more

With NASA partnership, Orlando begins planning for air taxis, flying cars

ORLANDO, Fla. — Orlando is preparing for when flying cars are an option for those who want to soar over congested highways or between nearby cities. And they may arrive far sooner than 2062, as “The Jetsons” predicted. The city has signed onto a partnership with NASA to develop strategies for welcoming electric oversized drones, … Read more

Flying From Hyderabad Airport Will Cost More! AERA Allows GMR To Increase User Development Costs; Details

AERA enabled GMR Hyderabad International Airport, which operates Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, to gradually increase user development fees for boarding domestic and international passengers from April 1, 2022. Take the plane from Hyderabad airport to become more expensive! The Airports Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) has authorized GMR Hyderabad International Airport, which operates Rajiv Gandhi International … Read more

Flying on Mars Is Getting Harder and Harder

This illustration depicts Mars Helicopter Ingenuity during a test flight on Mars. Ingenuity was taken to the Red Planet strapped to the belly of the Perseverance rover (seen in the background). Ingenuity, a technology experiment, was the first aircraft to attempt controlled flight on another planet in 2021. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech In the months since we … Read more