Fonderie du Poitou Alu, a new French foundry on the verge of liquidation

Poitou Alu foundries in Ingrandes (Vienne), June 17, 2021 GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP Its employees learned the bad news at the end of an extraordinary CSE on Tuesday 11 January in the morning: at the end of the allotted time, no buyer came forward to take over their factory, the Alvance aluminum foundry in Poitou, … Read more

at the Fonderie du Poitou Fonte, which is closing its doors, the end of the harsh world of steelworkers

By Aline Leclerc Posted today at 04:01 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageOn Saturday July 31, the employees of the Ingrandes-sur-Vienne plant bade a forced farewell to their profession, not without resentment towards the industrialists and the government. It was a dark universe. Charcoal sand that blackens the shoes like the cheeks, the natural light that … Read more

Dans le Jura, la fonderie MBF Aluminium placée en liquidation judiciaire

Des salariés de la fonderie MBF Aluminium, en grève de la faim devant le ministère de l’Économie, le 21 mai. RAPHAËL HELLE / SIGNATURES POUR « LE MONDE » De rage et de désespoir, ils se sont retournés et ont mis le feu à une voiture portant le logo de leur usine « MBF Aluminium … Read more