from the financial shock of the pandemic to fragile connectivity

On the one hand, the financial shock caused by the pandemic, on the other hand the still tangible fragility of connectivity: This is how the 32nd Annual Congress and the General Assembly of Aci Europe with the general manager, Olivier Jankovecwhich described an industry with a clear vision of its future social and economic role, … Read more

Low Roar will present its fragile worlds in Prague

Low Roar is a music project by Ryan Karazija, a project that has long been close to the hearts of Radiohead and Sigur Rós fans due to its fragility and complexity. He recorded his eponymous debut in 2010 at his apartment in Reykjavík, and his mix of post-rock and dreamy indie folk immediately caught the … Read more

Twenty years after its introduction, the euro is recovering but still fragile

The day of the 20th anniversary of the launch of the single currency, outside the Parliament of the European Union, in Brussels, January 9, 2019. DARIO PIGNATELLI / BLOOMBERG / GETTY IMAGES The transition had gone so well. After years of dual pricing, gradual transfers of check books and bank accounts, the 1is January 2002, … Read more

“The recovery path remains fragile”

Aci Europe Report an improvement of the passenger traffic during the month of October, albeit with irregular rhythms. The association of European airports underlines that the passengers transiting the airport network in October are the 36.7% lower than pre-pandemic levels in 2019, against a -42.9% recorded in September. The lower passenger traffic losses came mainly … Read more

behind economic prosperity, a fragile state

By Cécile Boutelet and Thomas Wieder Posted yesterday at 5.30 p.m., updated at 05.55 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationAging infrastructures, delays in the digital transition, public investments strangled by budgetary orthodoxy… Climate change and the health crisis reveal the weaknesses of Europe’s leading economic power. Fall 2020, the second wave of Covid-19 sweeps over … Read more

In Daraa, a fragile ceasefire to the advantage of the Syrian regime

Damaged buildings in Daraa, Syria. Photo released by SANA on August 31, 2021. SANA / VIA REUTERS Will she hold out? A truce entered into force in Deraa, Wednesday 1is September, at the end of talks negotiated by Russia, including local representatives and the Syrian army. Fighting had intensified since the end of July in … Read more

after the earthquake, a fragile truce for the gangs in Martissant

In Martissant on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, August 17, 2021. JONATHAN ALPEYRIE/BLOOMBERG/GETTY You have to imagine a war scene in a country without war. On both sides of the road that crosses the city to the west, homes, shops, gas stations have been emptied. A car wreck straddles the central parapet. In front of … Read more

The TAR rejects Ryanair’s request to postpone the provision to protect the most fragile passengers

L’Ehac, announces that the Lazio TAR has rejected Ryanair’s new request, with which the Irish carrier has asked to postpone the deadline to comply with the urgent measure to 8 September (date of the precautionary hearing) In order to protect the most fragile categories of passengers in air transport, ENAC has ordered the free allocation … Read more

Peruvian rock | Fragile: the secrets of the band and the photo with the Rolling Stones that they never showed for fear of a lawsuit | Larco Avenue | LIGHTS

According to the criteria of Know more The mid-1970s. In the midst of an era of military rule, where rock music was banned from radio stations and concerts, the pioneer band of the rock progressive in Peru. The first to join were Octavio Castillo, David Valdivieso, Luis Valderrama and Harry Antón on drums, but it … Read more