Friends, Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Touch together again: “In the beginning I was afraid”

“Friends”, Francesca Touch e Raimondo Todaro confirm that they are back together. Galetto was also the talent “Friends”, dove Francesca Touch e Raimondo Todaro they met again after the separation, experiencing an unexpected flashback. Francesca Tocca and Raimondo Todaro (Instagram) Friends, Raimondo Todaro and Franceca Tocca: “Here’s how we got back together” Francesca Touch e … Read more

from Selvaggia Lucarelli to Francesca Barra

Rain of solidarity for Ambra Angiolini which he received yesterday the Golden Tapir from the hands of Valerio Staffelli for the end of his relationship with the Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri. The first to launch a ‘j’accuse’ on the broadcast Strip the News it was Jolanda, daughter of the actress, who wrote a long post … Read more

Francesca Neri, the tragedy of the disease to Verissimo: “I had lost my clarity”

The actress Francesca Neri, wife of Claudio Amendola, guest in exclusive to Verisismo to talk about his book “Like living flesh”, to be released on Tuesday 5 October, in which he talks about the disease he has been living with for 5 years. “Mine is one chronic cystitis interstitial »says the actress. Read also – … Read more

Tommaso Eletti e Francesca Cipriani in nomination. Bortuzzo commuove

Grande Fratello Vip, seconda puntata: Tommaso Eletti e Francesca Cipriani in nomination. Bortuzzo commuove. Novità nel regolamento, per la prima volta anche le opinioste Sonia Briganelli e Adriana Volpe possono rendere immuni i loro preferiti. Con gli ingressi di venerdì sera il cast della casa è al completo.   Leggi anche > GFVip, il discorso di … Read more

the marriage proposal to his girlfriend Francesca VIDEO

Orange blossom for Nicola Panic, former competitor of Temptation Island (as well as known to fans of Men and Women for the quarrel with the former Sara Affi Afella), he asked the fiancée, Francesca Parenti, of marry him. To make known the marriage proposal Panic himself was posting a video on Instagram in which the … Read more

Francesca Barra pregnant, stork arriving for the journalist and her husband Claudio Santamaria. «We are in happy anticipation» THE POST

“Since the news has come out and I can’t anymore protect it, but the rest is an evident joy, we inform you that what you see is not there belly of those who eat alone panzerotti 🤣, but the sum of our happy days. Claudio Santamaria and I we are in happy anticipation». Photo at … Read more

the project with Francesca Chillemi

The professional life of Can Yaman proceeds at full speed with new engagements, but with Diletta Leotta there seems to be an air of crisis. She is on vacation alone fueling the gossip. Meanwhile, the Turkish actor has been chosen for the TV series ‘Purple as the sea’ with Francesca Chillemi. Shooting will start at … Read more