Leaked PS Plus games for December 2021: these are the three free titles for PS5 and PS4

The PlayStation Plus December 2021 free games have been leaked. These are the titles that seem to be coming to the PS4 and PS5 service soon. Games were expected to PS Plus for December 2021 to be announced this or next week and so it has, but not from official sources. On this occasion, the … Read more

December 2021 PS Plus Free Games Won’t Be Announced Until Next Week

The December 2021 PlayStation Plus free games will be announced later than expected. The reveal would take place next week. The PS Plus games reveals They are always one of the most important news of the month for many players and the passage of time has already gotten us used to them being in the … Read more

Free from Conservatory, Britney Spears Plays Another Movie: Okezone Celebrity

THE ANGELS – After being released from the conservatory that held her in chains for nearly 13 years, Britney Spears is back in the acting world. This was revealed by Britney in an upload on her personal Instagram social media recently. Through his Instagram, the singer of the song Baby One More Time confirmed that … Read more

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marine Le Pen and Michel Barnier call for the return of free access

A medical student secures an antigen test carried out at the Lycée Emile-Dubois in Paris, Monday, November 23, 2020. LUDOVIC MARIN / AP The Covid-19 epidemic could once again spoil the end of year celebrations for the French. Its resumption in any case pushes candidates for the presidential election to demand free PCR and antigen … Read more

Fortnite El Nindo de Naruto: complete all the challenges and get the Kurama hang glider for free

We give you all the keys so that you can take all the rewards of the Fortnite x Naruto event that is currently available, for a limited time. Right now we have an interesting crossover between Fortnite and Naruto in the form of different missions that will allow you to obtain a lot of collectibles … Read more

Kate Winslet Received a Free Ticket to Space Thanks to Her Husband

As a celebrity, there aren’t many things on Earth that actor Kate Winslet doesn’t have access to. The Mare of Easttown star is reportedly worth $65 million, which would be enough by most accounts to afford the finest things in life. But for Winslet, if Earth isn’t enough for her, she was given a ticket … Read more

“Free Guy”: Good Or Bad? Our Balance Of The Movie With Ryan Reynolds That Came To Streaming

According to the criteria of Know more Creating content directly or indirectly linked to the world of videogames can have two effects: to please only the public inserted in that ‘niche’ or – if they are very good – to catch the attention of the general public. A magnificent example of the latter could well … Read more

Netflix launches gaming service with free games for subscribers

short Music Non Stop no Facebook With a new tab in the app for tablets and phones, the Netflix Games it is represented by a joystick icon. The new feature has 5 games at its launch: Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast e Teeter U. In 2017 the company … Read more