3 mesi dopo il “freedom day” in Gran Bretagna la pandemia è un lontano ricordo

Sono passati esattamente 3 mesi dal 19 luglio, data del famoso “Freedom-Day” in cui il Regno Unito ha deciso di rimuovere tutte le restrizioni legate alla pandemia da Covid-19. Non è necessario neanche indossare le mascherine al chiuso: il Paese, insomma, è tornato alla normalità. In questi giorni sui media italiani si è tornato a … Read more

Cologne allows the call of the muezzin: Debate on religious freedom

Dhe weather is bad on this Tuesday in Cologne, it rains almost continuously. Only a few people walk through Keupstrasse under umbrellas or with their heads pulled low between their shoulders. Past fragrant delicatessen shops, jewelers, restaurants or kiosks. The owners are called Usta, Özdag or Meral. A sign hangs on a house above the … Read more

Ian McKellen and his unknown legacy helping young people to live their freedom – Celebs.Cool

If there is an actor who has managed to win the affection of the public from his different facets, that is Ian McKellen. At 81 years old, he accumulates a legion of fans of all generations thanks to the roles of Gandalf and Magneto, while he owns a filmography full of memorable genres and films. … Read more

Nindy Ayunda’s Cry Colors Askara Parasady’s Freedom : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nindy Ayunda’s ex-husband, Askara Parasady Harsono, has been declared free as of October 8, 2021. However, he still has to submit a report until December 2021. After getting freedom from cases of drug abuse, illegal firearms, and domestic violence (KDRT), Askara said he was very happy. Especially now that he was able to … Read more

Journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitri Muratov, a double Nobel Peace Prize winner to defend the freedom to inform

Journalists Dmitri Muratov (left) and Maria Ressa (right) received the Nobel Peace Prize on October 8, 2021. MIKHAIL METZEL/AARON FAVILA / AP Through them, it is journalism and freedom of information that the committee in Oslo wanted to reward. On Friday October 8, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Filipino-American journalist Maria Ressa, … Read more

The documentary “Britney vs Spears” reveals the mysterious corners of the singer’s struggle for her own freedom

Britney Spears fans will soon see a documentary about a long-running case of custody between the singer and her father. Information has spread around the world that the 39-year-old popstar cannot make decisions for himself and does not even have access to his own finances. Netflix recently released a trailer that the artist opens with … Read more

Getting a portrait of Emmanuel Macron to denounce climate inaction may fall within the scope of freedom of expression, according to the Court of Cassation

The “dropouts” contested their sentences to fines for “theft in a group”. CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP The Court of Cassation overturned, Wednesday, September 22, a judgment of the Bordeaux Court of Appeal which condemned eight “Portrait dropouts” Emmanuel Macron to fines of up to 600 euros. The highest judicial body in the country had been … Read more

Lower Saxony: More freedom for vaccinated and convalescent people | NDR.de – news

As of: 09/21/2021 4:59 p.m. The Lower Saxony state government’s corona crisis team presented the state’s new ordinance on Tuesday, which will come into force on Wednesday. Claudia Schröder, deputy head of the crisis team, said the new ordinance will apply until November 10th, in order to get the country through the autumn holidays. “We … Read more

Also Weil and the Marburger Bund against the imminent “Freedom Day” | NDR.de – news

As of: 09/20/2021 6:14 p.m. Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil spoke out against the lifting of the corona restrictions at the end of October. Expert colleagues also turn against the head of the association, Andreas Gassen. As chairman of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Gassen called for a “Freedom Day” on … Read more