Bela Jonathan Frizzy, Benny Simanjuntak: No Good Wife Hits Her Husband : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Uncle Jonathan Frizzy, Benny Simanjuntak regretted the actions of Dhena Devanka, his nephew’s wife, who was suspected of always being rude. He said he was always to blame. “Never a good wife beats her husband. Never is a good wife always rude to her husband,” said Benny Simanjuntak when he was a guest star … Read more

Visit Hotman Paris, Jonathan Frizzy Explains Domestic Violence Case : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka’s domestic relationship is getting tense. It was seen that the two of them were fighting each other for evidence to both report to the authorities. Allegedly, the destruction of Jonathan’s household with his wife was due to an overwhelming sense of jealousy and ended in violence. However, from … Read more

Jonathan Frizzy Denies Engineering Photo Evidence Kicked by Dhena Devanka : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actor Jonathan Frizzy open voice regarding accusations of fabricating photos of evidence of Dhena Devanka’s alleged domestic violence by kicking her in the stomach. As is known, the claim was first made by his wife’s attorney, Ibn Ali. “The IT expert did say that it was edited? The CCTV footage is not edited,” … Read more

Denies Kicking Jonathan Frizzy, Dhena Devanka’s Attorney: That’s Edit : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Dhena Devanka denied violence to her husband, Jonathan Frizzy. This is related to the photo evidence of alleged domestic violence issued by the actor. “Yes, deny (doing domestic violence) please,” said Mr Cast at the South Jakarta Religious Court, Thursday (30/9/2021). READ ALSO: – Had Returned Funds, This Is The Reason Denny Sumargo Still … Read more

Difficulty in Communication Even at Home, Dhena Devanka Sends Email to Jonathan Frizzy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Jonathan Frizzy dan Dhena Devanka It is known that they still live in one house even though a divorce suit has been filed with the South Jakarta Religious Court. Unfortunately, even though they are in the same house, communication between the husband and wife is reportedly no longer going well. This was stated directly … Read more

Uncle Dismantle CCTV Evidence Dhena Devanka Beat Jonathan Frizzy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Benny Simanjuntak finally released four photos of evidence of the abuse that Dhena Devanka did to his nephew, Jonathan Frizzy, on November 8, 2018 The proof was uploaded via Instagram, on September 27, 2021. The photo is a screenshot of the CCTV footage in the room. In the first photo, Dhena is seen … Read more

Jonathan Frizzy Kekeuh Calls Wife Doing Domestic Violence, Lawyer: The Victim Doesn’t Have To Be A Woman : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jonathan Frizzy’s attorney, Yohan Christianto, regrets public opinion regarding his client’s decision to report his wife, Dhena Devanka, on suspicion of domestic violence (KDRT). Yohan emphasized that victims of domestic violence do not look at gender or gender. It is also possible for men to become victims of wife violence. Also Read: Accused … Read more

Benny Simanjuntak Says Dhena Devanka Hit Jonathan Frizzy with Barbell : Okezone Celebrity

BENNY Simanjuntak, Jonathan Frizzy’s uncle, said that his nephew was a victim of Dhena Devanka’s domestic violence. Ijonk is said to have been hit with a barbell. “It was Dhena who did the domestic violence, not Ijonk (Jonathan Frizzy’s nickname). I can prove it later in court,” said the founder of Example Management as quoted … Read more

Visiting the Police Station, Jonathan Frizzy Brings Evidence of Being a Victim of Domestic Violence Dhena Devanka : Okezone Celebrity

JONATHAN Frizzy went to the police station to report back to his wife, Dhena Devanka. He also brought evidence that he had been a victim of domestic violence. On Monday (6/9/2021), Ijonk reported his wife to the South Jakarta Metro Police. At the police station, the 39-year-old actor was accompanied by two of his lawyers, … Read more

About Religion Jonathan Frizzy, Benny Simanjuntak: He Left Lord Jesus For You! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Benny Simanjuntak, confirmed the news regarding his nephew, Jonathan Frizzy called conversion. He said the man who is familiarly called Ijonk was willing to change religion just for the sake of his wife, Dhena Devanka. “He (Ijonk) left the Lord Jesus, left his family for you (Dhena). Remember, for you,” said Benny Simanjuntak … Read more