3D printed fuel injector demonstrates low-cost missile propulsion potential

Researchers at the Indian Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL) have used 3D printing to create a revamped fuel injector that could allow for the lower-cost propulsion of ground-to-air missiles. Through the adoption of PBF 3D printing, and the integration of a triangular cross-section into their injector design, the team have been able to consolidate two … Read more

In Libya, “stocks of arms remain high and sufficient to fuel any future conflict”

Remnants of missiles and other weapons found in a camp that was being used by Marshal Haftar’s forces in Gharyan, 100 kilometers south of the Libyan capital Tripoli. in June 2019. MAHMUD TURKEY / AFP The number of detected violations of the arms embargo imposed on Libya decreased in 2021 compared to the previous year, … Read more

NASA seeks to improve fuel lines using SensePipe

Dan King | The value of a sensor lies within its ability to take measurements accurately and reliably. Often used in harsh environments, a sensor’s reliability and life span are cut short due to external conditions. Measurement accuracy depends on the location in which the sensor is placed. Usually, a delicate sensor cannot be placed … Read more

Squid Game in the schoolyard – How TikTok and Co. fuel the hype

Dhe FAZ Podcast for Germany is the daily FAZ podcast on the most relevant topics of the day. The podcast always appears at 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can find all episodes here. You can easily subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Deezer and never miss a new episode. Of course … Read more

launch of a public consultation on a fuel storage pool project

A nuclear fuel storage pool at La Hague, in June 2018. CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP A preliminary public consultation opened on Monday, November 22, about a project for a huge pool of nuclear fuels in La Hague (Manche), to respond to the risk of saturation of the current basins. Everyone can, until February 18 on … Read more

New Cheaper Spacecraft Fuel Now Being Tested! Here’s How It Can Enhance the Space Industry

A new cheaper spacecraft fuel is now in development. Experts claimed that this new power source could change the rising space industry, especially since various agencies and independent companies are active in out-of-this-world missions. (Photo : Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base carrying the SAOCOM 1A and … Read more

Microwave Energy Fuel Market Key Vendors, Future Scenario Forecast By 2028

Global Market Vision has published a newly statistical data, titled as Microwave Energy Fuel market, which gives a brief strategy of the ongoing trends, as well as prediction of upcoming trends. These trends are analyzed and studied from various sectors like Microwave Energy Fuel on the basis of the domain, industries, and clients. This report … Read more

‘Autovoucher’ starts today. Guide to benefit from fuel discounts

As of this Wednesday, Portuguese drivers will be able to take advantage of a discount of 10 cents per liter of fuel, a measure adopted by the Government to face escalating prices. Find out how you can use AUTOvoucher. How much can I save with AUTOvoucher?The measure only applies to a maximum of 50 liters … Read more

“The fuel crisis in Asia adds to the long list of grains of sand which seize the world trade machine”

Trucks equipped with drilling rigs, in Bangalore (southern India), February 16, 2021. MANJUNATH KIRAN / AFP AA tense atmosphere on the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and Chittagong, the country’s largest port. The drivers switched off the ignition and got out of the truck. The main national union called a general strike on … Read more