These funds that focus on the conquest of space

Stock market indices invested exclusively in so-called “space” stocks have appeared recently. MARY EVANS PICTURE LIBRARY / PHOTONONSTOP / MARY EVANS PICTURE LIBRARY / PHOTONONSTOP Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson… The highly publicized galactic ambitions of famous billionaire entrepreneurs have given new impetus to the conquest of space. Bringing a new lease of life … Read more

“It is not so much his eccentricity that the Elliott Management and Silver Lake funds criticize yogi Jack Dorsey as his dilettantism”

Jack Dorsey, in September 2018, in Washington. JIM WATSON / AFP Pertes & profits. A distant tribute to their hippie ancestors, the geeks of Silicon Valley have always been fascinated by India and its mysteries. Back from Asia, Steve Jobs (1955-2011), the founder of Apple, walked around in a monk’s tunic, barefoot in summer and … Read more

Netflix: “Squid Game” gives tailwind – stock analysis (Raiffeisen Bank International AG)

Vienna ( – Netflix stock analysis from Raiffeisen Bank International AG: In a current stock analysis, Andreas Schiller, an analyst at Raiffeisen Bank International AG, confirms the buy recommendation for Netflix shares (ISIN: US64110L1061, WKN 552484, ticker symbol: NFC, NASDAQ symbol: NFLX). Netflix had a strong result in the third quarter of 2021. Not only … Read more

Do funds labeled “Relance” really help French companies?

COLCANOPA A little over a year ago, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire launched a new label called “Relance”, intended to be affixed to investment funds. Its objective: to encourage households that have accumulated savings during the health crisis to place them at the service of French companies, especially small and medium-sized ones. … Read more

Funds that invest in SMEs, be selective

COLCANOPA Investing in the real economy and supporting local businesses: this is an ambitious program, accessible to savers wishing to invest their savings in the capital of French SMEs. Several arguments make this investment attractive. First of all, it is encouraged by the state through a tax benefit. This device, called the “Madelin law income … Read more

European Funds. President of the Republic considers that it is a time for “national struggle” and unrepeatable opportunity

With the 2022 State Budget to be approved, the President of the Republic began by recalling the importance of municipalities and the role of mayors in financial execution and in proximity to the Portuguese. “It was seen during the pandemic that the local government was the first to respond to the needs of the Portuguese”, … Read more

Rachel Vennya Trembles Accused of Tilep Bansos Funds : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rachel Vennya posted an allegation that she had embezzled social assistance funds. The problem started when Rachel got a batik shirt endorsement. But he forgot to post according to the agreement. “So when I went to the US, I was offered an endorsement of batik by his friend, Kak Denny. And I was … Read more

Silence about the Audit of People’s Funds, Alvin Faiz Uploads Wise Sentences: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Alvin Faiz still silent about auditing the funds of the Az Zikra Foundation people who are always billed by the Instagram account, @opposite6890.xcode to him via social media. But as if responding to the account’s tweet, Alvin chose to upload a wise sentence. “Not forever” block, hide, unfollow, that childish. Maintaining mental health … Read more

Had to return funds, this is the reason Denny Sumargo continues to police DA : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actor Denny Sumargo suffered a loss of more than IDR 700 million due to the embezzlement of funds allegedly carried out by his manager, DA. However, DA is known to have returned the funds. “That’s right, some funds were returned. But not all of them, there are still some left,” said the 5 … Read more

These investment funds that focus on corporate well-being

Companies “realize that there is a convergence between the care given to human capital and the improvement of productivity and performance”, notes Aurélie Baudhuin. GARY WATERS/IKON IMAGES / PHOTONONSTOP Funds investing according to so-called “ESG” criteria – environmental, social and governance – have long put the spotlight on the first letter of the acronym, and … Read more