Booba comments on the Brahim Bouhlel affair and once again claims “Validated”

He takes the opportunity to provoke Frank Gastambide … The trial of Brahim Bouhlel in Morocco did not take place and was postponed to April 21. Booba, always so provocative took advantage of the announcement of the postponement to make fun of the actor of “Validated” and Frank Gastambide at the same time. For a … Read more

his alleged killer will surrender

This is rather unusual information. On November 17, rapper Young Dolph was shot and murdered outside a cookie store. Another tragic and violent death in the history of the US rap game, which deprives the city of Memphis of one of its most active and generous citizens. A real loss for the inhabitants of the … Read more

We interviewed Funk Como Le Gusta, which returns to the stage in São Paulo

short Music Non Stop no Facebook The year is 1998, I was studying at college and studying hard to not lose the scholarship, there were parties, college is always a wonderfully busy time, and then one day, someone from the crowd suggested we go see a friend play and we went, with no great pretensions … Read more

Young Thug thinks French rappers are petty bourgeois

The American rapper loses an opportunity to be silent. It’s a video that went viral on Twitter. Invited to express himself on rap as it is seen and done in other countries, Young Thug proved his lack of culture by explaining that the French and English rappers were bourgeois who did nothing hot in the … Read more

Wally Funk becomes oldest person to fly to space 60 years after she was denied the opportunity

At the age of 22, Wally Funk already had a résumé of lifetime achievements. She earned top aviation ratings in college, was a professional certified pilot and became the first female civilian flight instructor at a U.S. military base — all at a time when women were systematically barred from many parts of life. For … Read more

Wally Funk, of Mercury 13, joins Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin space flight

Wally Funk, a famous aviator who pushed for female inclusion in NASA’s astronaut training programs for decades, will join Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos on Tuesday  on a brief flight to the edge of space. Earlier this month, the 82-year-old was confirmed as the third member of Blue Origin’s first crewed New Shepard mission slated to launch July … Read more

Wally Funk, 82-year-old woman who trained for NASA, traveled into space with Jeff Bezos on New Shepard flight

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida — After a half-century of waiting, Wally Funk — who trained for NASA’s Mercury program but was denied the opportunity to go to space –finally got her time amongst the stars. She was specially selected by the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, to accompany him, his brother, and auction winner 18-year-old Oliver … Read more

Trailblazing pilot Wally Funk is finally going to space | Space News

Higher, faster, longer. That motto has been keeping Wally Funk going her whole life, and ultimately led her to achieve her lifelong dream: going to space. The trailblazing female pilot has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut and was denied the job in the 1960s due to her gender. That will all change on Tuesday … Read more

four things to know about Wally Funk, the 80-year-old pilot whose space dream Jeff Bezos will make

The sky is its limit. All her life, Mary Wallace Funk, aka Wally Funk, has looked to the stars. After six decades of trying to become an astronaut, this pilot must see her dream come true on Tuesday, July 20, thanks to Jeff Bezos, who chose her to board the rocket alongside her. New Shepard … Read more