Pray for reconciliation with Gading Marten after breaking up with Wijin, this is what Gisel says: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Gisella Anastasia alias Gisel many prayed for reconciliation with her ex-husband, Gading Marten. It is known that he recently broke up with his ex-lover, Wijaya Saputra alias Wijin. In response to this, Gisel even admitted that he didn’t really care about it. Moreover, the relationship between the two is now fine, like a family, … Read more

More Exciting, Angel Karamoy Plays Ratu Cangkir Gading in MNCTV’s Tinular Sinetron: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The colossal soap opera ‘Tutur Tinular’ is always awaited by viewers by presenting an exciting story of competition between Arya kamandanu and Arya Dwipangga in the soap opera ‘Tutur Tinular’, which is produced by the MNC Picture production house, which airs every Tuesday – Sunday, at 21.00 WIB. This time, the soap opera … Read more

Acting Together, Shandy Aulia and Gading Marten Pray for a Match : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Shandy Aulia busying himself with work in the midst of the issue of his rift with David Herbowo. Recently, he often shares his activities on film shooting locations I Need Baby. In the film produced by MD Pictures, Shandy collided with the Citra Cup-winning actor, Gading Marten. From that project, the interaction between … Read more

Name of the man who was rumored to be with Enzy Storia, including Gading Marten : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Enzy Storia’s name has drawn public attention after the news of her close relationship with Gading Marten. However, it turned out that it was not only Gading Marten, Enzy was also rumored to be close to several names of other men who were predicted to be her lovers. Summarizing from various sources, here … Read more

Gading Marten Confesses about Marriage Trauma, Luna Maya: Separation from Sick Gisel? : Okezone Celebrity

IVORY Marten admitted that he was traumatized by marriage. Currently, he is also not ready to commit to a marriage relationship with a new partner. Gading Marten’s confession was revealed when he was a guest star on Luna Maya and Marianne’s YouTube channel. At that time Luna Maya seemed curious about Gading Marten’s principle of … Read more

Meeting Gading Marten with Women in Bali, Ivan Gunawan: Already stuck, not a girlfriend? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ivan Gunawan is back with an exciting podcast uploaded on his YouTube channel. After inviting Deddy Corbuzier, Rossa, and Raffi Ahmad as guest stars, this time he invited Gading Marten. Gading, who has worked in the entertainment world for more than 20 years, now admits that he is starting to spread his wings … Read more

Gading Marten Seized by Anya the actor, Ariel Tatum: The most difficult to fight : Okezone Celebrity

ARIEL Tatum collided with Gading Marten in the film ‘Done’. They became husband and wife and had to accept their fate because of the courtesan’s temptation. Ariel Tatum also revealed the difficulties while shooting this film with Anya and Gading Marten. It turned out that this beautiful artist admitted that it was difficult to fight. … Read more

Gading Marten Uploads Ariel Tatum’s Photo, Anya Geraldine Jealous: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Gading Marten’s love life has always managed to attract the attention of netizens. After officially divorcing from Gisella Anastasia, there were several female names who were rumored to be near her dean, ranging from Sophia Latjuba, Nadine Kaiser, to Karen Nijssen. Most recently, Gading is reportedly in a relationship with the younger brother of … Read more