Ana Patricia Gámez Reason: Ana Patricia Has Millions In Sponsorships

Did Ana Patricia Gámez retire for her children? They assure that this is the real reason why Ana Patricia left Univisión The ex-host of Despierta América has a ‘secret’ This could be the real reason why Mexican host Ana Patricia Gámez abruptly decided to move away from the artistic medium despite being at the peak … Read more

Regretful And Unhappy? Ana Patricia Gámez Confirms Suspicions With Some Photos; Is Your Retirement From Television “costing You Dearly”? (PHOTOS)

Ana Patricia Gámez went to ‘take refuge’ in the cemetery and now other photos confirm suspicions The former host of Enamorándonos, is she sorry about her retirement from television? Some photos with her husband and family would leave everyone with the answer Mijos and mijas, their little sister LA CHACHA making an appearance here and … Read more

Depressed? After Giving Up Television To Take Care Of Her Children, Ana Patricia Gámez Is Having A Bad Time And Takes Refuge In The Cemetery? Raises Suspicions (PHOTOS)

After her departure from Enamorándonos, what Ana Patricia Gámez is doing is filtered Away from television, the Mexican takes refuge in the cemetery? Some photos with messages from the former driver confirm suspicions A few weeks after Ana Patricia Gámez left Enamorándonos and moved away from television, now, the Mexican is taking refuge in the … Read more

Why Did Ana Patricia Gámez Retire From Television?

Getty Ana Patricia Gámez is one of the Hispanic personalities who have announced her retirement from television for personal reasons. Ana Patricia Gámez has forged an outstanding artistic career in the television industry since her triumph in Our Latin Beauty in 2010. In her role as a television presenter, Gámez has participated in important productions … Read more