Garibaldi Hotels confirms the expansion, Umbria and Calabria to strengthen the offer

For Garibaldi Hotels it is time for new investments. The Italian hotel group has just signed a contract for a structure in Umbria (Montone- Perugia) for which an investment program has already been planned. «It is an ancient medieval village – he comments Fabrizio Prete, general manager of Garibaldi Hotels -. In the past it … Read more

Garibaldi Hotels, a positive summer. Trentino and Puglia the most popular

A summer season ended with the + sign but reduced to just over two months, a domestic tourism that reached 90%, Trentino and Puglia the most popular destinations for summer 2021. These are the first post-summer observations coming from Garibaldi Hotels, hotel group with 12 accommodation facilities in Puglia, Sicily, Sardinia, Lazio, Trentino. “Despite the … Read more