Zenless Zone Zero trailer: the new HoYoVerse (Genshin Impact) has already been seen

HoYoVerse, the Chinese studio that has swept the world with the huge success that Genshin Impact has brought, is already preparing to make the leap to a new IP, while maintaining the aesthetics of its popular title. Submitted a few weeks ago, Zenless Zone Zero left Genshin Impact fans wanting to know more of this … Read more

The key clue event in Genshin Impact: date, duration and free protogems you can get

HoYoVerse continues to add content to Genshin Impact and temporary events are always a good way to add things to do to its successful free to play. On this occasion we welcome “The Key Clue”. A good way to get free protogems in the game is to use these events and with this you will … Read more

Sango File: The Warrior Dog in Genshin Impact- How to earn protogems and everything you need to know about the event

Sango File: The Warrior Dog in Genshin Impact is a new temporary event with which you can earn interesting rewards. We tell you everything you need to know. Genshin Impact continues to do its thing and a new event reaches free to play to organize an important game mode that, apart from refreshing its formula, … Read more

New details of Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact, which could arrive in April 2022

Mentioned in some moments of the game, the character of Kamisato Ayato (Ayaka’s brother) could arrive in the coming months according to a leak. The success of Genshin Impact is far from over. And it is that miHoYo will continue to release updates and more playable characters for the title, which currently lives its update … Read more

The Squid Game, parodied on Genshin Impact by a talented artist from the community

Tips and tricks The Squid Game, parodied on Genshin Impact by a talented artist from the community Posted 13 oct 2021 Through Care The popularity of Squid Game is still in good shape. The series continues to inspire players from all walks of life. Artist Genshashin recently produced a very faithful reproduction of the famous … Read more

Genshin Impact: stream on Twitch to earn protogems

We tell you exactly what requirements and what you must do to participate with your Twitch channel in Genshin Impact and get a lot of rewards. Version just released 2.3 para Genshin Impact called “shadows of snow and dust”, and the application has just been opened whereby many Twitch streamers are going to be able … Read more