Processo Open Arms, ammessi tutti i testi: deporrà anche Richard Gere

“Quanto costerà questo processo?” – L’udienza del processo a Palermo che vede imputato Matteo Salvini era dedicata proprio all’ammissione delle liste testi di accusa e difesa e alle produzioni documentali. “Qui Aula di Giustizia del carcere di Palermo. Il processo voluto dalla sinistra e dai tifosi dell’immigrazione clandestina comincia: quanto costerà ai cittadini italiani?”. E’ questo il commento, … Read more

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If we look at the most recent filmography of Richard Gere It is impossible to find a blockbuster. Although his face is burned into our collective memory thanks to films like Pretty Woman, Officer and Gentleman, The Two Faces of Truth, Unfaithful O Chicago, the truth is that it has been one of the outsiders … Read more

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The presence of Richard Gere in Seville it has unleashed a great stir among its inhabitants. The great American actor has shot the series in the Sevillian town of San Juan de Aznalfarache MotherFatherSon, of the BBC, and up to there thousands of curious people came to see him and receive him with great enthusiasm. … Read more

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Lady Di was the owner of an unrivaled charm, charisma and magnetism. Wherever he arrived and settled, he managed to be the focus of attention. Along with the rise of The Crown series, some of that charm can be relived. In addition, this series is also a trigger to remember incredible anecdotes. Here, a story … Read more

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When the fame of Richard Gere exploded there were no social networks yet. If not, they would have exploded in likes and millions of comments each of their poses, since it was always characterized by being as sexy as it is interesting. Reference of fashion, elegance and glamor, consecrated in Hollywood and recent father, the … Read more

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Joy and good news are more present than ever in the home of Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva. The couple is in sweet anticipation of their first baby together! A happy news that comes after the Hollywood actor and the Spanish gave the “yes, I accept” last April, images that they shared exclusively on the … Read more

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Alegrías is not lacking at Richard and Alejandra Gere’s home. Since they got married last May, they have been living on a honeymoon that seems to have no end. The couple, who reside in New York, are passing a vacation in Italy, where four years ago they fell in love on the Amalfi Coast. In … Read more

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