Spotify annual charts: These are the most streamed musicians in Germany

Spotify annual charts This German singer is more successful than Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift The singer Lea is Germany’s most streamed artist in 2021 © Calvin Müller As in previous years, German rap is one of the most successful genres of music that German listeners have streamed on Spotify in 2021. In contrast, a … Read more

December announcement of a new Polish-German space mission

The conference, organized in the “Delta” building of the Wrocław Technology Park, is an open event open to anyone interested in the space sector. During the meeting, a project of a satellite space mission will be presented, the aim of which will be to test technologies related to optics and self-diagnosis of satellites in space … Read more

Inflation: This price turnaround promises a delicate scenario for Germany

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Germany detects Omicron; 61 infected arrived in Amsterdam

PPortugal reported 3,205 new cases of infection and eight more deaths within 24 hours, according to the bulletin released by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS). Flights to and from Mozambique will be suspended from 00:00 on Monday, announced the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI), also imposing a quarantine on passengers from a number of African … Read more

In Germany, the future government aims for 80% renewable energies by 2030

Two technicians maintain an Enercon E92 wind turbine in Bernsdorf, Germany on Monday, November 15, 2021. JAN WOITAS / AP It was one of the most anticipated questions of the roadmap of the next government presented in Berlin, Wednesday November 24: how would Germany accelerate its laborious transition to zero carbon? Would the three coalition … Read more

“Squid Game” – Season 2: Start, Trailer, Plot & Actor

“Squid Game” – Season 2: Start, trailer, plot & cast of the new episodes of the Netflix series Squid Game gets season 2: but when will the new episodes come out? Foto: Netflix The Netflix series „Squid Game“Gets one 2nd season! But when do the new episodes start? And what else is known? Find out everything … Read more

Squid Game in the schoolyard – How TikTok and Co. fuel the hype

Dhe FAZ Podcast for Germany is the daily FAZ podcast on the most relevant topics of the day. The podcast always appears at 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can find all episodes here. You can easily subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Deezer and never miss a new episode. Of course … Read more

Almost 20,000 knife attacks in one year in Germany

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Covid-19. Germany to limit public life for unvaccinated

Faced with a fourth wave of the covid-19 pandemic, Germany will not sit idly by. Coming soon, only people vaccinated or known to have recovered from the disease will be able to enter restaurants and attend events public, cultural and sports. According to documents that the Reuters agency had access to, the measure should apply … Read more

The Ascoval plant will not relocate part of its activity to Germany

The entrance to the Ascoval factory site, in Saint-Saulve, in the North of France, in January 2018. FRANCOIS LO PRESTI v AFP After two intense days, the mobilization seems to have paid off around the emblematic Ascoval steel plant in Sainte-Saulve (North), threatened with seeing part of its activity transferred to Germany by its owner … Read more