“Only your lies are great”

Adriana Volpe versus Sonia Bruganelli. In an interview, the wife of Paolo Bonolis spoke of the colleague columnist al Big Brother Vip and the person concerned did not fail to respond through the social network. Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli (Photo courtesy of the Mediaset press office) GFVIp, Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli the war … Read more

Katia could leave the house, war between Delia and Soleil

Indiscretions hover in the house most spied on in Italy. First of all, Katia Ricciarelli, which tomorrow, January 18, will celebrate 76 years. In various situations, Pippo Baudo’s ex has made it known that he cares a lot to celebrate the event with his companions voyage. Then, however, it could to leave the game. To … Read more

Gf Vip, Katia Ricciarelli forgives Davide Silvestri: “I don’t feel a grudge”

Olive branch for Davide Silvestri. After the escalation of the last few days in the house of the GF VIP, Katia Ricciarelli she welcomed him into her room to talk and decided to forgive him. “I didn’t have any bitter thoughts towards you,” the opera singer admitted, after the actor went to see her to … Read more

«The GFVip has changed our life. The little one will be called … “

Paolo Ciavarro e Clizia Incorvaia guests of “very true” from Silvia Toffanin. Paolo Ciavarro e Clizia Incorvaia they met and fell in love under the cameras of the Big Brother Vip and soon they will become parents of their first child. Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro (Instagram) Paolo Ciavarro and Clizia Incorvaia on “Verissimo” Paolo … Read more

GFVip, Alfonso Signorini and the scar on his eye: “They beat me”

Alfonso Signorini tells why he has one scar on the left side of his eye. Alfonso Signorini, host of GFVip, revealed in an editorial on “Who” that he “got” it while selling encyclopedias door to door. Alfonso Signorini (Instagram) GFVip, Alfonso Signorini and the scar on the eye Alfonso Signorini he told the genesis of … Read more

GFVip, Pago infuriated by the attacks on his ex-wife Miriana Trevisan: “Here’s who I warned”

Pay infuriated by the attacks received on Big Brother Vip from his ex-wife Miriana. Pay he had already made it known that he wanted to legally move against some tenants of the house and now he has decided to be wary Giacom Urtis, Soleil Rises e Katia Ricciarelli. Miriana Trevisan (Photo courtesy of the Endemol … Read more

“The authors were all worried …”

Alex Belli was and continues to be, despite the elimination, one of the undeniable protagonists of this edition of Big Brother Vip. In the reality show hosted by Alfonso SignorinIn the meantime, the actor’s wife is also ready to enter, Delia Duran. Read also> Jovanotti recovered from Covid, the tender hug to his daughter Alex … Read more

“I want a child from you.” The love letter before entering the Gf Vip

For the couple Alex Belli-Delia Duran the time has not yet come to say goodbye to Big Brother Vip. One month after the expulsion of the gieffino, now it will be his wife’s turn to enter the most spied house in Italy and confront the former (?) Rival Soleil Sorge. While the model is preparing … Read more

the quarrel breaks out, Valeria in tears

Al Big Brother Vip the clash between Nathaly Caldonazzo e Valeria Marini. High voltage between Nathaly Caldonazzo e Valeria Marini in the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini: during a face to face the tones rise with the Marini who at the end of the discussion bursts into tears, consoled by the roommates. Big Brother … Read more

“After the Big Brother Vip I didn’t work anymore”

If he could, Gabriele Rossi would not do the Big Brother Vip. If a few months after the end of the reality show the actor had declared his gratitude for the program, stating that the house had benefited his career, now the ex-partner of Gabriel Garko retraces his steps and regrets the choice made. Gabriele … Read more