in China, Jurong, ghost town of Evergrande

By Simon Leplâtre Posted today at 01:03 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThis mega-complex which was to accommodate apartment buildings, shops and amusement park is at a standstill, like most of the promoter’s projects in difficulty. An example of the real estate bubble which is inflating in the country. Sitting around small round tables, Evergrande’s real … Read more

‘The Green Knight’: ‘A Ghost Story’ Director’s Impressive New Film Is An Unprecedented Visual Waste

Although David Lowery had already attracted the attention of many viewers with his wonderful version of ‘Peter and the dragon‘for Disney, his consecration would come with’A Ghost Story‘, an absolute masterpiece that set the bar very high. ‘The Old Man & the Gun‘was the first to succeed her ghost story, and now it’s the turn … Read more

The Story of the Ghost Watching the School Hallway on the Gritte Agatha Podcast : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Gritte Agatha back to entertain fans with horror stories that make goosebumps. This time Gritte invited a resource person named Ratri who told a scary experience while undergoing school. During the orientation period, Ratri had seen various supernatural beings who guarded the school. Ratri also recounted the first strange incident when she went to … Read more

‘Ghost Ship’: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Images From The Horror Movie Available On Netflix

‘Ghost Ship’ premiered in 2002 and probably every horror-loving movie buff has seen it on several occasions, so it’s time to present you 10 behind-the-scenes images of this popular film. Ghost ship It is one of those films that every horror-loving movie buff has seen more than once. The tape directed by Steve Beck (also … Read more

These trans women who “chase the ghost” of masculinity from their faces

By Lilas Pepy Posted today at 6.30 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageAt Tenon Hospital in Paris, a surgeon erases the virile features of trans patients using 3D planning. Interventions to bring body to mind, which these people experience as a rebirth. A patient of Quentin Qassemyar before her forehead operation (top photos), and two … Read more

Los Angeles at war with kit pistols and other “ghost” weapons

A “ghost” weapon displayed at a rally in Richmond, Va., Jan. 18, 2021. FORD FISCHER/NEWS2SHARE / VIA REUTERS After San Diego and San Francisco, it’s Los Angeles’ turn to declare war on kit pistols and other weapons “Ghosts” sold on the Internet without any control. The Californian city council unanimously adopted an ordinance on Tuesday, … Read more

Searching the Devil’s Worship House, Frislly Herlind Sees a Dwarf Ghost: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Siblings Podcast is an event hosted by Ruben Onsu and his brother, Jordi Onsu. This time, Kakak Beradik Podcast was enlivened by Sarwendah, Frislly Herlind, and also special guest stars, namely Anwar BAB and also Boiyen. In this episode, the five of them explore a dungeon that is said to be filled with … Read more

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut déjà en promotion

Good plan news Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut déjà en promotion Published on 8/23/2021 1:35 PM Barely released and already critically acclaimed, fans eager to immerse themselves in feudal Japan and players new to the title, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut enjoys early promotion. It is indeed at a discount on PS4 and PS5 via … Read more

Trending! Frislly Herlind Reveals the Ghost Attached to Reza Surya Putra’s TikToker : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Brothers and Sisters Podcast is a program hosted by Ruben Onsu and his brother, Jordi Onsu. This time the Brothers and Sisters Podcast was also enlivened by Sarwendah, Frislly Herlind, Anwar BAB, and also a special guest star, namely the creator content that went viral on TikTok social media, Reza Surya Putra. This … Read more

Norman Reedus Is Still Interested In Playing Ghost Rider In The MCU | Tomatazos

Ghost Rider is one of the most beloved antiheroes in Marvel comics, perhaps because of his mysterious air and even because of his totally supernatural essence. Being a ghost avenger who works mostly alone, it has been difficult for them to take the character into account to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially because the … Read more