Astronomers Detect Giant Impact Signal In Near Planetary System

Young planetary systems often experience extreme growing pains as babies’ bodies collide and fuse together to form progressively larger planets. In our own solar system, the Earth and moon are believed to be products of this kind of giant impact. Astronomers assume that such collisions should be common in early systems, but they have been … Read more

All About Zhang Yimin, The Chinese Mark Zuckerberg, And The Tech Giant Behind TikTok’s Success

By now, we all know who is behind the Facebook empire. Nevertheless, Who’s behind the biggest competition from Mark Zuckerberg today? TikTok has managed to change the rules of the game for social networks and, in a short time, it has been among the most active with titans such as Instagram, YouTube or WhatsApp. As … Read more

Landscape artist unveils a giant portrait of NASA pioneer Stephanie Wilson : NPR

Artist Stan Herd’s portrait of NASA astronaut Stephanie Wilson on display in Atlanta is 70 feet by 90 feet. John Zarr/Earthworks hide caption toggle caption John Zarr/Earthworks Artist Stan Herd’s portrait of NASA astronaut Stephanie Wilson on display in Atlanta is 70 feet by 90 feet. John Zarr/Earthworks Stan Herd is known for giant works … Read more

Giant Portrait of NASA Pioneer Stephanie Wilson Takes Root in Atlanta

AimHigher Earthwork directly overhead w-tiles John Zarr A 6,300-square-foot natural earthwork of pioneering NASA astronaut Stephanie Wilson hopes to inspire women and girls, and especially people of color, to “aim higher” in downtown Atlanta’s Woodruff Park. The eco-friendly grass mural of Wilson, whose 42 days in space are the most of any female African American … Read more

Car giant splits off trucks: “The old Daimler is history”

Friday, October 1st, 2021 Car giant splits off trucks “The old Daimler is history” The Stuttgart-based car manufacturer turns one into two: the car and truck divisions are separated, the name Daimler AG disappears. According to the auto expert Dudenhöffer, a historic and forward-looking decision. Shareholders should benefit. In the future, Mercedes cars and trucks … Read more

Reuters: China urges state-backed companies to buy assets of real estate giant Evergrande

Published: 28 sep 2021 13:59 GMT Although the government does not plan to intervene directly, in this way it seeks to avoid a financial crisis in case the company collapses. Chinese authorities aim to prevent Evergrande’s collapse from causing a financial crisis largest in the country, prompting state-owned companies and government-backed real estate developers to … Read more

Peek at the Squid Game Shooting Location, a Giant Playground in the House : Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL – As popularity soars Squid Game, many are curious how the series was produced. One of them is the shooting location which in the series is said to be ‘hidden’ and ‘secret’. Not to mention, the various games that are served in it. To answer the audience’s curiosity, Hwang Dong Hyuk as the director … Read more

10 years after NASA launched its Juno mission to Jupiter, these are its most stunning images of the gas giant

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter and taking jaw-dropping photos of the gas giant since 2016. Juno has flown past Jupiter’s polar cyclones, anticyclones, auroras, the Great Red Spot, and enormous moons. Citizen scientists touch up Juno’s raw images to highlight storms and clouds in stunning color. These pictures reveal the tumultuous bands of … Read more

the potter, the European commissioner and the giant syringe

Guy Baudat in front of his giant syringe. FP Ua 12-meter-long syringe, like an eighteen-meter ant with a hat on its head, it doesn’t exist. And why not, said to himself one morning Guy Baudat, potter and plastic artist from Gargilesse-Dampierre (Indre) while meditating on the Covidian era. Installed at the entrance of the medieval … Read more

“The price of iron is suspended on questions surrounding the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande”

Iron ore, at the port of Qingdao, in eastern China, in October 2019. STR / AFP Raw materials. The shadow of Evergrande hangs over the markets. The Chinese real estate giant is faltering, and investors are holding their breath. Will fall? Will not fall? The price of iron is suspended from this question. Trained in … Read more