Pray for reconciliation with Gading Marten after breaking up with Wijin, this is what Gisel says: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Gisella Anastasia alias Gisel many prayed for reconciliation with her ex-husband, Gading Marten. It is known that he recently broke up with his ex-lover, Wijaya Saputra alias Wijin. In response to this, Gisel even admitted that he didn’t really care about it. Moreover, the relationship between the two is now fine, like a family, … Read more

Gisel and Wijin’s Love Journey, Faithfully Accompanies the Fun Video Case to Break Up : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Gisella Anastasia and Wijaya Saputra alias Wijin officially broke up. The two have been in a relationship for about three years. The news is certainly quite surprising to the public. more Gisel and Wijin are often together in any moment. Not a few pray for them to formalize their relationship to the level of … Read more

Gisel and Wijin officially break up : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The love relationship between Gisella Anastasia and Wijaya Saputra broke up or ran aground in the middle of the road. Gisel immediately confirmed the news. “Now it’s running independently. (The breakup) has been a long time, but I didn’t count it and just posted it to the public now,” said Gisel. Also Read: … Read more

Gisel Viral 15 Seconds Video, Wijin Shake Makes Salfok : Okezone Celebrity

GISEL netizens highlighted after he uploaded a video rocking TikTok with Wijin. What’s the portrait like? In this 15-second video, Gisel looks beautiful in a mocca-colored pajama set with a star motif. To make it more interesting, Gisel tied the front of the shirt with a ribbon accent. Meanwhile, Wijin looked simple wearing a plain … Read more

Celebrate 31st Birthday, Happy Gisel Surrounded by Loved Ones : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actress and singer Gisella Anastasia turns 31 on Tuesday (16/11/2021). Gisel gets various surprises from his loved ones. One of the special surprises came from his lover, Wijaya Saputra or who is familiarly called Wijin. Not only Wijin, a number of Gisel’s friends also came to the house to surprise and congratulate him. … Read more

Gading Marten Confesses about Marriage Trauma, Luna Maya: Separation from Sick Gisel? : Okezone Celebrity

IVORY Marten admitted that he was traumatized by marriage. Currently, he is also not ready to commit to a marriage relationship with a new partner. Gading Marten’s confession was revealed when he was a guest star on Luna Maya and Marianne’s YouTube channel. At that time Luna Maya seemed curious about Gading Marten’s principle of … Read more

Synopsis of Laundry Show, Boss Gisel Competes Fiercely Builds Laundry Business : Okezone Celebrity

SINOPSIS Laundry Show describes the story of a laundry boss starring Gisel in achieving success with business competition. Comedy drama genre film based on the novel by Uki Lukas. Released in February 2019 under the auspices of the MVP production house, the film was directed by Rizky Balki. This 97-minute film tells the story of … Read more

Viral Video Gisel Still a Virgin, Bangs Hair Makes Missing : Okezone Celebrity

VIDEO Gisel while auditioning for Indonesian Idol is going viral. Netizens were made to fail to focus on Gisel’s style when he first appeared on the small screen. The TikTok account @gokiladegan shared an old video of Gisella Anastasia while auditioning for Indonesian Idol season 5 in 2008. Also Read: Wulan Guritno Wears a Black … Read more

Yukinobu’s affectionate hug by boyfriend, Netizen: Ma’am is not Jealous with Gisel Yes: Okezone Celebrity

BOYFRIEND Michael Yukinobu De Fretes alias Nobu is said to be similar to Gisella Anastasia alias Gisel by netizens. This started when Nobu uploaded a photo to his social media account with his girlfriend Lidya Windasari. In the photo, they look intimate as a couple. It can be seen in the first uploaded photo showing … Read more

Called 5 Times Having Intimate Relationship with Gisel, Nobu Takes Legal Path: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The lawyer who shared the 19-second video between Gisella Anastasia and Michael Yukinobu, Roberto Sihotang, admitted that he was disappointed that his client had to serve a 9-month prison sentence. This finally made him reveal one of the facts of the trial, that Gisel and Nobu had had sex more than five times. … Read more