Google retires FloC and announces API Topics, the new alternative to cookies

This Tuesday (25), Google announced the Topics API, a tool that will allow you to identify the user’s consumption profile without needing cloud processing. Designed to replace cookies, the novelty aims to target online advertising, without violating the privacy of the public. The Topics API is part of the Privacy Sandbox initiative, which aims to … Read more

Daft Punk and Squid Game rub shoulders with Bernie Sanders and Covid at the top of Google searches of the year

Images : Google. Google has just published the list of the most searched topics on its platform in 2021. This year, Internet users around the world were interested in vaccines against Covid-19, a health crisis obliges, but also in the death of DMX, or the famous Netflix series. Squid Game, among others. Most popular searches In … Read more

Squid Game, Alec Baldwin, Dogecoin Among Top Google Search Terms in 2021 – Image

On December 08, 2021 at 8:33 PM By the AFP Google on Wednesday unveiled the most popular searches on its platform in 2021, a list that includes the ‘Squid Game’ series, US actor Alec Baldwin and the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. There has been a lot of interest in the sport: the top eight most searched terms … Read more

YouTube Dethroned Google In 2021 As The Most Visited Website In Ecuador, But Pornographic Pages Continue To Climb In The Top 10 | Techno Doctor | Magazine

Ecuadorians spend 19.43 minutes per day on YouTube and watch an average of 10.62 videos per visit. YouTube was the website most consulted by Ecuadorians in 2021, according to the report Ecuador digital of the Management Training company, with cut-off until October. With this, the world’s largest video platform dethroned from first place Google, which … Read more

Google wants to make peace with news agencies and publishers

In Mountain View, Calif., In September 2019. JEFF CHIU / AP “We wish to conclude definitive agreements, in accordance with the law, and to open a new chapter with the press editors. “ If this statement by Sébastien Missoffe, the CEO of Google France, is not a ceasefire, it looks a lot like it. Extracted … Read more

Squid Game is the most searched series on Google

Every year, Google takes stock of the topics most searched by Internet users. And the ranking of the series has just been unveiled. “Why were chainsaws invented? “,” Who can get vaccinated? “,” What did Jean-Paul Belmondo die of? In 2021, Internet users were able to count on the American search engine to answer all … Read more

Squid Game, Here everything begins … What are the 10 most searched series on Google France in 2021? – News Series

Google France today unveiled the ranking of the most popular requests in 2021 on its search engine. And among the series, “Squid Game”, “Lupine”, “Tomorrow belongs to us” and “Here everything begins” which come first. NETFLIX/YOUNGKYU PARK Phenomenon series of the year 2021, the South Korean fiction Squid Game, which has totaled more than 2 … Read more

Google: Popular Searches 2021 – Biontech Share, Volcanic Eruption, Squid Game

This example shows how ubiquitous Google is: The search engine made it into the Duden with its own verb. “Googling” has been in the spelling dictionary since 2004. Nine out of ten Germans use Google for Internet research – competitors such as bing, Ecosia and Yahoo! only have a marginal market share. So if you … Read more

Google Maps users spooked by perfect circle in mountains sparking ‘UFO landing’ theories

Google Maps users have been spooked by a perfect circle that appeared in some desert mountains, sparking theories that it is a UFO landing site. The image was uploaded to the r/Google Maps forum on Reddit, alongside the caption: “What’s this round thing?” The picture, taken from Google Map’s satellite view, clearly shows a large … Read more

Sundar Pichai (Google) prefers Ted Lasso to Squid Game!

23 min ago Video Alban Martin React Apple TV + ‘s exclusive series Ted Lasso has been winning over everyone since last year, including Alphabet (Google) CEO Sundar Pichai. The boss of the Internet giant and who previously headed the Android branch, has just granted an in-depth interview with Bloomberg. An opportunity to discover Pichai’s … Read more