The Metaverse Has A Musical Band: Mutant Monkeys Inspired By Gorillaz

Key facts: There will be four monkeys representing KINGSHIP, the new NFT band. This is a metaverse grouping that will create your own music. Has competition come to Gorillaz? It seems. A Web3 firm called 10:22 PM, which is responsible for developing artists, intellectual property and supporting digital creators, announced yesterday the formation of the … Read more

Behind the scenes of the creation of Gorillaz, the band that changed pop 20 years ago

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Long before technology was a must in our lives, Gorillaz was already heralding that the future was at hand. Twenty years later, the band’s debut still teaches us many lessons about the artist-technology relationship. Between 1967 and 1968, the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges he gave a series of … Read more