He told her THAT at the Grammys

RTL>entertainment> March 19, 2021 – 9:38 am Clock Video is freaking out the online community Who doesn’t know this unpleasant situation: Years after a relationship that didn’t end well, you suddenly meet your ex-partner again. Unpleasant moment, you don’t know what to say and want to run away – right? Well, apparently not if you’re … Read more

Why Adele’s “30” and Taylor Swift’s “Red (Taylor’s Version”) Won’t be Nominated for the 2022 Grammys

Two of the year’s biggest albums – Adele’s “30” and Taylor Swift’s re-recording of “Red” – will not be in the running for ANY awards at the next Grammys. Here’s why. It is not necessary to start a petition. You don’t have to be trending #JusticeForRed on Twitter. There is no need to create a … Read more

Grammys 2021: Beyoncé and Taylor Swift make history

By Mark Savage BBC Music Journalist 15 mars 2021 Photo credit, Getty Images Image caption, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé both attended the social distancing ceremony in Los Angeles. Beyoncé set a new Grammy record with her 28th victory. The star is now the most awarded woman in Grammy history, surpassing bluegrass singer Alison Krauss. “I … Read more

Grammys, Moralism And Hot Dogs: What’s Really Behind The Fight Between J Balvin And Residente?

This is the image with which J Balvin responded to Residente after he said that his music was like a cart of ‘hot dogs’. José Osorio tweets and J Balvin erases it. René Pérez answers him in an Instagram video that later Resident remove. The individual speaks and the artist censors him. What, if anything, … Read more