born a girl, the second child. For the seventh son premier

A rush to the hospital to accompany his wife, Carrie Symonds who will soon give birth to a baby girl. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson detaches itself for a few hours from the chaos unleashed in United Kingdom from the controversy sparked by last year’s Christmas party videos a Downing Street, at number 10, … Read more

Nuclear Negotiations: Israel’s Plan B If Iran Don’t Negotiate

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Queen in the hospital – doctors order her to rest

Great Britain So is Queen Elizabeth after hospitalization Updated: 10/22/2021, 12:37 PM | Reading time: 2 minutes British Queen spent one night in the hospital British Queen spent one night in the hospital The British Queen Elizabeth II spent one night in the hospital. According to Buckingham Palace, some preliminary examinations have been made on … Read more

Great Britain: Tory MP Amess killed – police classify attack as an act of terrorism

foreign countries Great Britain Tory MP Amess killed by knife attack – police classify attack as an act of terrorism Status: 05:04 a.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes British MP dies after knife attack British police arrested a man after a knife attack in the east of England. The attacker’s victim is Conservative MP David … Read more

Britain as a “scientific and technical superpower”. The government has adopted a space strategy [RAPORT]

Four pillars, ten strategic threads The first ever National Space Strategy of the United Kingdom aims to focus the commitment of the UK government in a wide range of areas – science and technology, defense, legislation and foreign policy. As declared in the official ministerial communiqué, the goal is to implement “a bold national vision: … Read more

British electricity crisis: France threatens the UK with an electricity boycott

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39 Chinese fighter planes invade Taiwan’s airspace

foreign countries The conflict intensified again 39 Chinese fighter planes invade Taiwan’s airspace Status: 03:42 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Fighter planes from China keep flying in Taiwan’s airspace (archive image) Quelle: dpa/Uncredited After 38 fighter planes penetrated Taiwan’s airspace on Friday, China further increased its provacations on Saturday and on Sunday night with … Read more

Behind their hand they fear the worst

The submarine dispute overshadows the UN General Assembly in New York. France breaks a meeting. In the EU, doubts about Joe Biden’s reliability are growing and diplomats are concerned. When US President Joe Biden is in town, it means one thing above all for New Yorkers: chaos. There are police officers on every street corner, … Read more

Crisis with the USA and Australia: Paris: Submarine deal weighs on NATO’s future

Saturday, September 18, 2021 Crisis with USA and Australia Paris: Submarine deal weighs on NATO’s future In a TV interview, France’s Foreign Minister Le Drian criticized the allies USA and Australia unusually harshly. Because of the broken submarine deal with Canberra, he speaks of “lies” and “duplicity”. The Paris chief diplomat even sees NATO’s future … Read more

US military sends 3,000 soldiers to Kabul – Taliban announce capture of Kandahar

The rapid advance of the radical Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan has also taken the United States by surprise. Apparently the second largest city in the country, Kandahar, has now also fallen. The US is taking action. The USA will temporarily relocate around 3,000 additional soldiers to Afghanistan in order to strengthen security at Kabul Airport. … Read more