SpaceX installs full set of car-sized grid fins on second Super Heavy booster

SpaceX appears to have installed a full set of car-sized grid fins on Starship’s second flightworthy Super Heavy booster, leaving the massive rocket just a few steps away from completion. Measuring ~69m (~225 ft) tall and 9m (~30 ft) wide, Super Heavy Booster 5 (B5) – like B4 before it – will be one of … Read more

SpaceX outfits first orbital-class Starship booster with grid fins, Raptor engines

In the space of two days, SpaceX has outfitted Starship’s first orbital-class Super Heavy booster with four car-sized grid fins, stacked the rocket to its full height, and begun the process of installing up to 29 Raptor engines. As part of what CEO Elon Musk has described as a “Starbase Surge,” SpaceX has reportedly sent … Read more

Grid failure in France causes power cuts in Portugal and Spain

It is a rare phenomenon, but a failure in the European electricity grid this Saturday caused interruptions in the supply of electricity in several countries, including Portugal and Spain, starting in the early afternoon. Contacted by Expresso, E-Redes, manager of the distribution network, explained that it was a “frequency loss in the European network”, a … Read more