“Beck”, popular manga rock, reconnects the guitars

Extracts of plates from the manga “Beck”. © HAROLD SAKUICHI / KODANSHA LTD. Here is an outing that risks plunging into nostalgia those who, then teenagers or young adults, read manga in the early 2000s. The publisher Delcourt-Tonkam offers, from Wednesday October 6, a new edition of the rock series Beckby Harold Sakuishi. Although it … Read more

Carlos Santana and Mark Tremonti also play at PRS Guitars

PRS Guitars is still a relatively young company based in Stensville, Maryland, which is mainly engaged in the production of electric guitars and has been active in the market of musical instruments since 1985. It was founded by guitarist Paul Reed Smith, who has a life motto “I love music across its spectrum” broke through … Read more

Taylor – Premium guitars from California

The Taylor brand pays for the absolute top in the market of musical instruments. He is dedicated to the production of acoustic and semi-arc electric guitars and is very popular among guitarists for the stunning sound and processing of his instruments across the entire product range. The Taylor brand story began in 1972 in the … Read more

the guitars that sounded in pandemic

The guitarists set up the “rock tent” and promoted it on their social networks. Although their names resonate for being the violent of Indio Solari, tonight they gave space to their respective projects – such as La Mono and Baltasar Comotto and Macabre – in addition, they added Sergio Colombo as a special guest. DJS … Read more

David Gilmour auctions his guitars and raises $ 21 million to combat climate change

Chimerical guitarist and now protector of the half circle, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd believes that climate change is the veteran challenge facing humanity. His incredible solos and profound literature have inspired and delighted thousands of people of different generations. The lead guitarist of the monumental British gang Pink Floyd knows that music can help … Read more