How ‘Squid Game’ hijacked Halloween and a traditional wedding ceremony in Kenya Global Voices Français

The groom (in blue jacket) searches for his wife during a traditional wedding ceremony in Kenya, inspired by the Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ (Source: @ViralTeaKe via Twitter) “Squid Game,” the hit series that aired in September on Netflix, has become the most-watched television program in the world and a cultural phenomenon on the Internet. Since … Read more

Squid Game Costumes: The Top 5 for Halloween

If you don’t know what “Red Light, Green Light” or “Gganbu” means, you have the biggest Netflix hit of 2021 lost. The series Squid Game currently conquering the trends and after just a few days it was number 1 on the Netflix charts. The Korean thriller series is particularly popular with Gen Z. Squid Game: … Read more

Squid Game, WandaVision, Cruella… The top 5 trendy costumes for Halloween

On Sunday, October 31, the costumes for Halloween night should be largely inspired by popular film culture. The 2021 Halloween edition is expected to draw heavily on popular culture. Dystopian series and films are largely infusing costume trends this year. Overview of the costumes that will be at the party on Sunday October 31. Squid … Read more

Britney Spears to “Squid Game”: The Stars’ Halloween Costumes

Britney Spears bis “Squid Game” The Halloween costumes of the stars Britney Spears and “Squid Game” served as Halloween inspiration. © Noh Juhan | Netflix / imago/ZUMA Wire Britney Spears and “Squid Game” made the headlines recently. The best Halloween inspiration for some stars. Not only children like to dress up for Halloween. Even absolute … Read more

“Squid Game”: ban on Halloween costumes of the series

“Squid Game” Ban on Halloween costumes of the series Controversial: The iconic costumes of “Squid Game”. © Well Juhan | Netflix Children are increasingly inspired by the brutal Netflix series to play “Squid Game” – including punishments for the losers. Desperate, indebted people compete against each other in school playground games. The winner can win … Read more

For Halloween, Netflix opened a Squid Game gaming zone in Los Angeles

It’s Halloween, Netflix has decided to ride the wave this year and not just a little! The streaming giant has indeed taken advantage of the event to kill two birds with one stone: to promote its big success of the last few weeks, while pleasing the fans of the program in question. We are obviously … Read more

Netflix hit “Squid Game”: These Christmas sweaters are the new trend after Halloween costumes – series news

Annemarie Havran –Member of the editor-in-chief Film and series fan with body and soul. Whenever the lights go out in the cinema or the opening credits of a strong series begin, goosebumps come up. Happy Halloween everyone! If you don’t have your costume yet, it’s probably too late for you. But: Christmas is just around … Read more

Squid Game: the disguise is coming off for Halloween … except that it has not yet arrived in Caen

Through Mathieu Girard Published on 20 Oct 21 at 17:00 Liberty Caen See my news Follow this media In a few weeks, the Korean series Squid Game has established itself as a real phenomenon. In Caen, disguises inspired by it are actively sought for Halloween. (© Netflix) Launched on September 17, 2021, Squid Game has … Read more

Dieci videogiochi horror da giocare a Halloween

I nostri consigli spaventosi per festeggiare la ricorrenza più amata dagli amanti dell’orrore all’insegna del gaming. E non mancano le sorprese… Perché ci piace essere spaventati? Forse c’entra l’esposizione volontaria ai recessi più oscuri della vita, in un ambiente controllato dal quale possiamo uscire in un istante alla prima avvisaglia di sofferenza. O forse è … Read more

Halloween: We’ve Selected 5 Movies Available To Marathon At Home

short Music Non Stop no Facebook October is the month dear to those who enjoy horror movies. Influenced by the American Halloween culture, the month became popular as the time to dedicate to genre films. Thus, cinemas and streaming are dedicated to enriching their catalog with productions about monsters, crimes and many doses of fear. … Read more