The rappers took up nine places in the top ten of the Czech album charts. The most successful novelty was taken care of by the devilish Hard Rico

The Czech rankings could not be expected to overflow with new names in January. Their current release confirms this – other triumphs are added by Adele and Viktor Sheen. While the other medalists do not change on the radio, the albums benefited mainly from the declining decline in sales, mainly rappily rappers benefited. © Columbia … Read more

Burke Shelley, the singer of the hard rock band Budgie, has died

Burke Shelley, the singer and bass player of the legendary Welsh rockers Budgie, died at the age of 71. The news of his death was given by his daughter Ela. On Monday, January 10, she wrote on her Facebook page: “It is with great sorrow that I announce the death of my father, John Burke … Read more

FC Barcelona coach Xavi on “hard truth” after the Champions League

Quote from Triplejupp Quote by HerveyRSpecter The new project, which emerged out of necessity, has fired my Barca heart anew and is very exciting from my point of view. It’s good that Barca are doomed to be more than a club again and to reflect on their own philosophy. My biggest concern, however, is that … Read more

The second daughter is wearing a hijab, Zaskia Adya Mecca: It’s really hard to feel the heart: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Zaskia Adya Mecca admitted that he was touched by the decision of his second daughter, Kala Madali, who firmly wore the hijab at the age of 8 years. He did not expect his daughter, who had always liked to wear shorts, suddenly appeared veiled. In the upload, Hanung Bramantyo’s wife shows a portrait … Read more

The sudden success of Squid Game was hard to handle for this actress

Do we really have to present Squid Game ? Last September, this series produced by Netflix broke all records. In this production from South Korea, 456 idle people participate in a deadly game to win a huge sum of money. Enough to change your life and turn the page on a precarious situation. Very quickly, … Read more

Hard day, Korean-style action, up to Squid game

Hard day stands out from any reheated cuisine and cauterizes us in all friendship. The film offers us a gripping story, with somewhat off-the-cuff reactions that will keep us going. If the American influences are felt (A style very “After Hours”, American film directed in 1985 by Martin Scorsese), if the stereotypes are all present, … Read more

friction with Paqueta, hard blow for Bosz before Montpellier

Zapping But! Football Club OL – Saint-Etienne: the debrief If OL recovers Jérôme Boateng this Sunday in Montpellier, the Gones have lost a defender until the end of the year. Indeed, absent from the group for the trip to Hérault, Sinaly Diomandé suffers from a serious injury. Victim of a sprained ankle last week, the … Read more

25 Years of Career, Jamrud Had a Hard Time Being an Independent Band : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Emerald experienced ups and downs in his 25 years of career. In March 2017, the rock band from Cimahi, West Java left Log Zhelebour, the management that brought them to the top of their careers. At that time, Jamrud personnel had experienced difficulties. The reason is, they have to move on their own … Read more