Jodie Comer Says Ben Affleck Was Shocked When He Heard His Real Accent

Comer rose to prominence after his dazzling portrayal of assassin Villanelle in Killing Eve, in which she effortlessly switches between all manner of accents, including Russian, French and Scottish. The 28-year-old was so convincing that viewers had no idea where she actually came from, the discovery that she was from Liverpool came as a huge … Read more

Sonic Boom Heard After SpaceX Dragon Capsule Returns From ISS, Landing Off Florida Coast

A loud “sonic boom” was reported in parts of Florida after a SpaceX Cargo Dragon 2 spacecraft successfully splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the state late Thursday night. The return of the Cargo Dragon capsule marked the completion of SpaceX’s 23rd commercial cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station … Read more

Why Johnny Depp Has Been Professionally Canceled And Amber Heard Hasn’t – Celebs.Cool

In his golden years, the star-system it was run by studios that kept their stars’ dirty laundry under lock and key. From time to time someone would escape but they did everything possible to hide scandals that could give them a “bad reputation” (even sexual tendencies). Hollywood has always lived on the illusion of glamor … Read more

Amber Heard reads Pablo Neruda while Johnny Depp denounces being a victim of the ‘culture of cancellation’ – Celebs.Cool

Johnny Depp denounced “cancel culture” a few hours before receiving the highest award of Saint Sebastianmeanwhile his ex-wife Amber Heard posted a couple of photos of herself relaxing at home in the company of Pablo Neruda. The actress is seen holding a Pablo Neruda book while posing for selfies. “Timeout with Pablo”, he wrote referring … Read more

Have you ever heard Dawn of Chromatica, Lady Gaga’s remix album?

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Released earlier this month, on the 3rd, the remix album “Dawn of Chromatica” presents reinterpretations of already known tracks, with the exception of the interludes (I, II and III), and breaks the sound barrier of the universe built since 2008 by Lady Gaga. Big Bang that pop and electronic … Read more

Medina confidently climbed three floors to deliver a rose but was insulted. Coins heard screams of victory but had to introduce himself

Paiva Couceiro Square was the starting point for Fernando Medina’s traditional campaign street and there was no lack of t-shirts or flags decorating the around 50 supporters of the president of the CML, as soon as the first saxophones and trumpets began to be heard. play the famous march, “Lá vai Lisboa”. The bus arrives … Read more

Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp’s Lawsuit Against Her Should Be Dismissed – Celebs.Cool

In 2019 Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 79%, Waiting for the Barbarians – 51%, Murder on the Orient Express – 58%) launched a US $ 50 million lawsuit against Amber Heard (Aquaman – 73%, Justice League – 41%), accusing her of defaming him and falsely saying that … Read more

Johnny Depp: The Pencil Seller Who Didn’t Want To Be An Actor And Is Now A Real Villain | Amber Heard

According to the criteria of Know more Johnny Depp has been on everyone’s lips in the last few weeks after the actor lost a libel suit in England for the qualification of “wife abuser” in relation to his ex-partner Amber Heard and its subsequent separation of the franchise “Fantastic Beasts” (“Fantastic Animals”), which he helped … Read more

after the Taliban take power, the fight of women to make their voices heard

Posted the 04/09/2021 20:56 Update the 04/09/2021 23:04 Video length: 3 min. FRANCE 2 Article written by D. Ollieric, M. Behboudi, F. Le Moal, Y. Kadouch – France 2 France Televisions Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, concern is still high for Afghan women, Saturday, September 4. In Kabul, some are trying to make … Read more

VIDEO. Fire in a Roma camp near Roissy airport: several explosions heard

Through Writing Meaux Published on 31 August 21 at 14:07 The Marne See my news Follow this media A fire broke out in a Roma camp in Compans (Seine-et-Marne) on Tuesday, August 31, 2021. (© La Marne) The plume of smoke can be seen several kilometers around Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. A fire is in … Read more