Ashanty is positive for Covid-19 until he is mentally tired of being blasphemed by netizens as a burden on the state, his vent is heartbreaking! : Okezone Celebrity

ASHANTY positive for Covid-19 after a vacation from Turkey and even became the subject of scorn for netizens. He also vented sadly on Instagram and felt awry. Netizens scorn Ashanty with various comments. One of the highlights is that Ashanty is said to be a burden on the state. “Just a burden on the state,” … Read more

Struggling to Recover from Paralysis, Laura Anna Often Confesses to God, The Contents Are Heartbreaking : Okezone Celebrity

LAURA Anna passed away, Wednesday (15/12/2021). This sad news is very sad, even the public feels the grief of the family left behind. Before she died, Laura Anna had time to share some of her dreams on Deddy Corbuzier’s Youtube channel. Laura’s dreams she always said in prayer. Also Read: Photo of Laura Anna’s Body … Read more

A heartbreaking confrontation in Squid Game, a leak from the Pixel Pass, 3 million kilometers of free charging for a Tesla fan, that’s the recap ‘

On the eighth and penultimate episode of Squid Game, Google’s monthly direct debit subscription, a Tesla fan holds the world sponsorship record. A confrontation in Squid Game does not go as planned, a leak reveals that the Pixel Pass would allow you to have a new Google Pixel each year, a Youtubeur has 3 million … Read more

Ken-Y on the abominable murder of his ‘titi Tatita’: “The pain is deep and heartbreaking”

The urban music singer Ken-Y and his family are going through a moment of deep pain for the crime of Rosa Julia Félix Gómez, 54, whom he referred to as “Titi Tatita”, who was strangled, dragged by the pavement and beaten, on Saturday on the PR-994 highway, near the La Comoda business and an old … Read more

Nicolas Bedos haunted: he evokes the heartbreaking words of his father Guy on his deathbed

On May 28, 2020, Nicolas Bedos lost his father forever. Guy Bedos was indeed taking his last breath. In “Sept à Huit”, Sunday July 25, 2021, the director returned to the last moments of his model’s life. It is a date he will never forget and always make him very sad. May 28, 2020 Guy … Read more

“I Was A Little Prepared”: The Heartbreaking Comment Of An Eight-year-old Girl After A Shooting In Washington

The shooting that took place outside the Nationals stadium in Washington (USA), while the capital’s baseball team was playing a game this Saturday, it was not a surprise for Faris Nunn, an eight-year-old girl who had previously witnessed a similar fact. “It was my second shooting. So I was a little prepared … because I’m … Read more

“I will never apologize for who I am and where I come from”, the heartbreaking letter from Marcus Rashford – Prensa Libre

Marcus Rashford received racist insults since he missed one of the decisive penalties against Italy in the Euro final. This Monday, July 12, he published a heartfelt letter. Free Press Photo: AFP. “I can accept criticism of my performance, my penalty was not good enough, I should have gone in, but I will never apologize … Read more

After 20 Years Together, Actress Naomi Watts Mourns The Loss Of Her Dog In Heartbreaking Instagram Post

© Naomi Watts / Facebook In mourning after the loss of her dog Bob, British actress Naomi Watts shared her grief on social networks. She paid a moving tribute to the Yorkshire Terrier who had accompanied her for 20 years. This week, the many fans of Naomi Watts have learned of the death of the … Read more