NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Preparing To Glide Over “Raised Ridges” and Land Near Edge of “South Séítah”

Animation illustrating NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter flying on Mars. Credit: NASA With Flight 15, Ingenuity began the journey back towards “Wright Brothers Field” at “Octavia E. Butler Landing,” the site where Perseverance touched down with Ingenuity in February. This flight was performed with the recently-increased rotor speed of 2,700 rpm. After reviewing the data from Flight … Read more

Mockups of NASA’s newest Mars rover and helicopter will kick off a road trip in Seattle

Virginia student Alex Mather shows off a mockup of the Perseverance rover at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in July 2020, while Alabama high-school student Vaneeza Rupani points to an Ingenuity helicopter mockup. The students won trips to the Perseverance launch as a reward for naming the two spacecraft. (Photo by Ken Kremer / Seattle’s … Read more

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“ Global Unmanned Helicopter Market Report The global Unmanned Helicopter Market is expecting to witness a grow from a market size of USD XX billion in 2020 to USD XX billion by 2028, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of XX% during the predicted period of time. This report gives a deeper understanding for … Read more

NASA Mars helicopter team chief to deliver NBAA-BACE keynote

NBAA Press Release | October 6, 2021 Estimated reading time 3 minutes, 8 seconds. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) will welcome robotics technologist Teddy Tzanetos, the operations lead for the Ingenuity Mars helicopter at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), as a featured speaker for the Day One Keynote on Oct. 12 at NBAA’s Business … Read more

NASA aborts flight of Ingenuity helicopter on Mars after ‘anomaly’ detected

NASA said its Ingenuity helicopter flying around on Mars suffered an ‘anomaly’ prior to its 14th flight on the Red Planet, prompting the flight to be delayed. The 14th flight was supposed to happen on September 18, but the ‘anomaly’ occurred when two of Ingenuity’s flight-control servo motors oscillated during the pre-flight checkout, known as … Read more

NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Flies at a Lower Altitude Than Ever Before – Captures a Mars Rock Feature in 3D

This 3D view of a rock mound called “Faillefeu” was created from data collected by NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter during its 13th flight at Mars on September 4, 2021. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech The rotorcraft captures nuances of rocky outcrop during aerial reconnaissance. NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter provided a 3D view of a rock-covered mound during its … Read more

NASA Ingenuity Helicopter captures Mars rock feature 3D space mission updates

Image Source : NASA Its sole mission is to conduct flight tests in the thin atmosphere of Mars; the helicopter carries no science instruments. NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter has provided a 3D view of a rock-covered mound on the red planet during its 13th flight on September 4. The mini-helicopter flew to the red planet on … Read more

After Six Months On Mars, NASA’s Tiny Helicopter Is Still Flying High

The tiny helicopter has become the regular travel companion of the rover Perseverance. Washington, United States: It was only supposed to fly five times. And yet NASA’s helicopter on Mars, Ingenuity, has completed 12 flights and it isn’t ready to retire. Given its stunning and unexpected success, the US space agency has extended Ingenuity’s mission … Read more

NASA Ingenuity Helicopter On Mars Takes 3D Image Of Rock At Jezero Crater

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter provided a 3D view of a small rock-covered mound during its 13th Mars flight on September 4, 2021. The plan for this reconnaissance mission in the region known as the South Séitah on Jezero Crater on Mars was to capture images of this geological target, known as Faillefeu, named after a medieval … Read more