Customer relationship: downsize the application park! Automation helps

Holger Leppin, BSIBSI The maintenance of customer relationships can be digitized and automated with solutions for customer relationship management and marketing automation that use data analysis and artificial intelligence – this relieves the consultants. The move to such tools also presents an opportunity for IT teams to downsize their application park and consider cloud solutions. … Read more

Streaming service: “Squid Game” helps Netflix

EA dystopian Korean series in which people participate in deadly games to get out of money troubles: this might not sound like a show on paper that would go on to become a global smash hit. But that’s exactly what Netflix did with Squid Game. The series came out on September 17th and quickly became … Read more

Lionel Messi with COVID-19 | Doctors explain how his condition as an athlete helps him face COVID-19 | PSG | NCZD DTCC | SPORT-TOTAL

According to the criteria of Know more In the year of the World Cup much is expected of Lionel Messi. And the first news that was heard of the Argentine from PSG is that tested positive for COVID-19Therefore, he is isolated with his family at home in Rosario. Yesterday, the star had to return to … Read more

Taylor Swift goes to Universal – and helps musicians with it

New York Taylor Swift proves her own mind once again. The 28-year-old successful singer is campaigning for the rights of artists with her new contract with the Vivendi music label Universal. She herself will retain the rights to her master recordings in the future. The American has also insisted on a clause so that other … Read more

Ayu Ting Ting is successful as a single mom, this is a figure who always helps her : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ayu Ting Ting’s name was widely known for the first time since singing the song Fake Address. Over time, his career was getting uphill. Since its appearance in 2011, the first child of the couple Abdul Rozak and Umi Kalsum has won several awards. His phenomenal appearance earned him the Klik! Awards held … Read more

SpaceX Starlink Internet Helps Family Document Coquihalla Highway Repairs in B.C. [VIDEO]

A family living off-grid in remote mountains near Coquihalla Pass has been using a Starlink connection to document the Coquihalla Highway repairs on YouTube — as spotted by Tesla North. Recent storms in British Columbia flooded the Coquihalla Highway that connects Vancouver to Kamloops, causing substantial damage to the highway and its surroundings. The storms … Read more

Having a passion, a hobby, helps post-covid recovery

Santiago de Compostela, Oct 31 (EFE) .- The coordinator of the postcovid monitoring unit of the Santiago health area, Chus Domínguez, is clear: to get better after discharge from the disease, you have to “try to recover normal life” as soon as possible, and especially those activities and things that each one enjoys the most. … Read more

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps reduce stress – Anna Lewandowska

As it has been known for a long time, a properly balanced diet has a huge impact on our everyday life and well-being, and long-term exposure to stressors can cause many health problems (as you can read about HERE). In addition to the methods of coping with stress known to you (HERE), it turns out … Read more

Lake County News,California – Space News: NASA mission helps solve a mystery — why are some asteroid surfaces rocky?

This image shows a view of asteroid Bennu’s rocky surface in a region near the equator. Photo courtesy of NASA. Scientists thought Bennu’s surface was like a sandy beach, abundant in fine sand and pebbles, which would have been perfect for collecting samples. Past telescope observations from Earth had suggested the presence of large swaths … Read more

Kemenparekraf Saves Indonesian Film Industry, Helps Promotion to Funding : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Efforts to save the Indonesian film industry continue to be carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf). Through a number of programs, they encourage the film industry to bounce back. “Before the pandemic, the film industry’s contribution to GDP was very high, reaching Rp 15 trillion,” said Deputy Minister … Read more