The Reason Cupi Cupita Chooses A Good Star As Her Husband: He’s Black, Sexy! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Singer Cupi Cupita revealed the things that made him fall in love until finally convinced to accept the proposal of a construction and culinary entrepreneur named Bintang Bagus. He emphasized that the husband’s stability was only a bonus and not the main reason for marrying him. “About money, I also work. So no, … Read more

Jonathan Frizzy Admits He’s Shame He Has Shared Household Problems in Media : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jonathan Frizzy regretted the divorce process which ended in chaos. He admitted that he was embarrassed because his household problems with Dhena Devanka became public consumption. “Supposedly, something like this never happened. I am ashamed because this is a domestic disgrace. Moreover, I had a lot of time to prove that I was … Read more

Rony Dozer Dies, Wife: He’s Calm Down, Not Sick Anymore : Okezone Celebrity

SOUTH TANGERANG – Actor Rony Dozer was buried at TPU Jombang, South Tangerang, Banten, on Friday (12/11/2021). The family’s sobs were unbearable as the actor’s coffin was lowered into the ground. On that occasion, Mediana Kurniawati as the wife of the late expressed her gratitude to all those who helped in the funeral procession of … Read more

“He’s an actor,” Signorini must intervene

GF Vip, Montano’s fury against Alex Belli: «He is an actor», Signorini must intervene. The sixteenth episode opens with the clash between the two alpha males of the house. After the episode last Monday, the spirits have not subsided, quite the contrary. Read also> GF Vip, direct sixteenth episode: Alex Belli under accusation, furious quarrel … Read more

Friends 21, clash between Raimondo Todaro and Celentano? He blurts out: “He’s exaggerating”

Raimondo Todaro against Alessandra Celentano? This is what can be seen from the daytime broadcast today. It seems, in fact, that on Saturday, during the week episode, a epic confrontation between the two professors of Amici 21. It will certainly not be new, but this time it seems that Celentano has turned up the tone … Read more

Sources: Simmons Says He’s Not Mentally Ready

All-Star point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers, Ben simmons, plans to meet with medical professionals for an evaluation after telling the team Friday that he was not mentally ready to play up to their expectations and needed time to get away, sources told ESPN. Simmons met separately with coach Doc Rivers, medical staff, and teammates … Read more

Baim Wong is angry with Suhud’s grandfather, Deddy Corbuzier: He’s a parent, you shouldn’t be like that: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Baim Wong is known to have issued his own apology regarding his confusion with Grandpa Suhud. Through his Instagram account, Baim apologized to Grandpa Suhud. Baim said he chose to apologize because he had scolded Grandpa Suhud, whose status was an old man. “It turns out that there are indeed my shortcomings, I … Read more

“He’s blatantly making fun of her, or they’re both lying!”

Raffaella Fico let the roommates know of the Big Brother Vip to be romantically engaged with Piero Neri. However, the ex of the entrepreneur arrives to put some doubts on the relationship, Valentina colombi: “Either he’s making fun of her – he said – or they’re both lying!” Read also> Gf Vip, the bad gesture … Read more

Ria Ricis nervous about being proposed by Teuku Ryan, Randy Martin: He’s not calm : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ria Ricis’s behavior suddenly changed when she entered the room during her proposal procession. This seems to be highlighted by his best friend, Randy Martin. Different from usual, Ria Ricis looks nervous when she goes through the procession of her proposal. Seeing these changes, young actor Randy Martin said he knew very well … Read more