Curumin’s Nova is the highlight of the week in our release guide

short Music Non Stop no Facebook You can’t fail to check out the music selection that we’ve lovingly set aside for you weekly. Releases are coming, a lot of music, but there are things we have to show you. It’s “recording the tape” for those we love. Curumin e Nellê raised the level of Brazilian … Read more

Starship SN8: SpaceX prototype is the new highlight from Elon Musk

VA good 50 years ago, space pioneer Wernher von Braun stood in front of America’s giant rocket Saturn V and was celebrated as the pioneer of the moon landing. Now it is again about a new era in space travel. This time, however, no German engineer is in the spotlight. Only a large crawler crane … Read more

The highlight of RCTI’s 32nd Anniversary is Merry! Tiara Andini, Lyodra and Ziva Magnolya Sing Without Time Limit : Okezone Celebrity

TIARA Andini, Lyodra, and Ziva Magnolya, the Super Girls, opened the RCTI 32nd Anniversary event tonight, Tuesday (24/8/2021). They opened the stage spectacularly with the song “No Time Limits”. Not only that, what’s more special, their performances are also accompanied by Weird Genius. This collaboration resulted in a new arrangement that was specially presented at … Read more

Billionaire rocket launches highlight debates over commercial spaceflights

With Virgin Galactic’s successful crewed spaceflight on July 11 and Blue Origin’s on July 20, people have complex opinions on the industry of commercial space travel. Are these rocket launches stupid, profound, or somewhere in between? Why would anyone care about rich people rocketing into space when we’re struggling with crisis after crisis here on … Read more

From amateur in Bobadela to highlight in Tokyo. Liliana Cá’s overcoming story

Olympic athlete Liliana Cá competed in the Tokyo Olympic Games and was fifth in the disc’s release. The president of Liliana’s club, the Novas Luzes sports association, is proud of the athlete’s performance in the Olympics. It’s “mission accomplished”. It is in Bobadela that the headquarters of the amateur sports club that represents Liliana Cá … Read more

Juana Viale’s Surprising Compliment To A Guest: “I Want To Highlight Her Beauty”

The driver Juana Viale He could not hide his admiration and complimented one of his guests live. It is that when observing the look of Soledad Fandiño, the granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand He only had compliments to demonstrate in front of the camera and the moment was recorded since it was broadcast on the air … Read more