Review of Love, Death + Robots volume 3. A visceral and highly enjoyable collection of shorts

Netflix may not be going through its best moment in general terms, due to its falling shares and a certain chaos in the organization of its content, but that does not prevent it from rewarding us from time to time with series that remind us of its “golden age”. Precisely, one of its greatest strengths … Read more

Home cinema insider tip: This highly exciting action thriller with a “Squid Game” star as the killer is still far too unknown – Kino News

A “Squid Game” star switches sides: In the action thriller “Midnight”, spiced up with slasher elements, Wi Ha-joon terrorizes a Seoul neighborhood. Anyone who has missed this highly exciting insider tip can now catch up on it in the home cinema. Busch Media Group +++ Opinion +++ Is it a slasher that turns the idea … Read more

In Texas, abortion at the heart of a highly watched Democratic primary

Democratic presidential candidate Jessica Cisneros on March 1, 2022 in Laredo, Texas, USA. BRANDON BELL / GETTY IMAGES No platform, microphone, prepared speech. No stage effects, but a conversation on the terrace of a deserted restaurant, in the middle of a residential district of San Antonio (Texas) crushed by a sun that was too early … Read more

Pfizer confirms its new pill therapy is highly effective

Paxlovid tablets, at the Pfizer factory in Ascoli Piceno, Italy (undated photo). PFIZER / REUTERS The Pfizer laboratory, already at the origin of one of the most widely used Covid-19 vaccines in the world, said Tuesday, December 14 that this new antiviral was showing very encouraging results against Covid-19. According to the latest clinical trials, … Read more

These two Squid Game actors star in this highly anticipated sci-fi series

After finishing the magnificent series Arcane and despite all the promising novelties, such as the director’s series of Last train to Busan, are you afraid you won’t find what you are looking for on Netflix by the end of the year? Well rest assured, this futuristic new South Korean production might just grab you. If … Read more

8,279 new cases, the “highly transmissible” Omicron variant

COVID. As the end of the year holidays approach, the Omicron variant is worrying. If it has not yet been detected in France, potential cases would already be on our territory, said Monday, the Minister of Health. This beginning of the week, the epidemic continues clearly with almost 30,000 new cases on average this week. … Read more

Pfizer “highly effective”; Vaccinated layoffs vacancy

NIn recent months, much has been said about boosting vaccination. After the EMA has given the ‘green light’ to administer the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 to immunocompromised people, the Deputy Secretary of State and Health announced that the Portuguese over 65 will start receiving the booster in the next week. However, Portugal … Read more

“The complexity of the banking profession, highly regulated and so different from theirs, got the better of GAFA’s ambitions”

In Berlin, August 31, 2021. ANNEGRET HILSE / REUTERS Pertes & profits. Google gives up becoming a banker. He announced, Friday 1is October, the abandonment of his project entitled “Google Plex”. The idea, in the works for more than two years, was to offer users of the Google Pay payment system to open an account … Read more

Janes analysis of a highly anticipated event

As Airshow China 2021 kicks off,  Kelvin Wong, unmanned systems editor at Janes explores the unique flavour of China’s premier national aerospace and defence exhibition series and previews the some of the new systems that will debut at this year’s event The 13th iteration of the biennial China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, also known … Read more

in the UK, the highly profitable business of PCR testing for travelers

At London’s Heathrow Airport, a poster directs passengers to a Covid-19 screening center on August 2, 2021. TOLGA AKMEN / AFP Among the French in the United Kingdom, this has become one of the most recurring questions: “Do you know a supplier of inexpensive PCR tests? “ Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, travelers … Read more