“Their story is all a hoax”

Patrizia Pellegrino unmasks the most talked about couple of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. The special relationship between Alex Belli e Soleil Rises that would be all a mount. To say it is the former gieffina who, in a live on Instagram with Clarissa Selassié e Subject Stephens, he wanted to tell a … Read more

Reportedly Died, Ivan Gunawan Even Prays for Hoax Spreaders: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Name of Presenter and designer Ivan Gunawan horrendous social media. Not long ago, one of the accounts on YouTube called himself dead. Instead of being angry, Ivan Gunawan actually prayed for the creator and spreader of the hoax, how come? Ivan Gunawan posted a capture from an account on Youtube. The title and … Read more

Reports of 14-year old Aurangabad girl selected on NASA panel a hoax, say experts

Reports about a 14-year old girl from Aurangabad in Maharashtra being selected as a panelist on NASA’s “MSI Fellowships Virtual Panel” is a hoax, the Astronomical Society of India has said. The reports suggested that she was selected to the panel based on her research paper that was published in a journal and later accepted … Read more

Hoax About His Death, Ruben Onsu: Not Funny : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Japanese celebrity Kenta Yamaguchi has just shared a different content than usual. Kenta’s YouTube channel is usually filled with fun, cheerful content, but this time Kenta made a video where he expressed his anger about the hoax that befell Ruben Onsu. Kenta explained that some time ago he had read a fake news … Read more

Between omissions and hoax, the Chinese Communist Party is rewriting the country’s history

By Frédéric Lemaître Posted today at 01:10, updated at 18:30 Reserved for our subscribers Story“100 years of the Chinese Communist Party” (1/3). Commemorations are increasing in China to celebrate the creation, in July 1921, of the CCP. The opportunity for President Xi Jinping to control the national narrative. The statue of Mao Zedong (1893-1976) erected … Read more