PlayStation could have agreements with FIFA (EA), Avatar Frontiers of Pandora (Ubisoft) and Hogwarts Legacy (Warner)

Sony PlayStation draws its future in the video game industry at times. We already know that the company will continue buying studios and investing in assets in their own development studios… even beyond their gaming platforms. On this occasion we are not referring to new acquisitions, but to the important commercial agreements handled by Sony … Read more

Warner Bros Brazil reaffirms Hogwarts Legacy as a 2022 release

Hogwarts Legacy might not be delayed to 2023 after all, Warner Bros Brazil reaffirms it in 2022. Also, the leaker AccountNGT says that “the only thing that could take the game to 2023 is the number of games that arrive that year”. While Warner Bros. does not give many signs of life on Hogwarts Legacy, … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy will not be released until 2023 due to “problems” in its development

A new report suggests that Hogwarts Legacy will not arrive until 2023 because it has been delayed. All this due to certain “problems” that have affected its development. The new game based on the Harry Potter franchise, Hogwarts Legacy, it seems that it will not come out until 2023. All because, apparently, it has been … Read more

Squid Game: Discover the main characters’ Hogwarts house!

Today, the editorial team reveals which Hogwarts house the protagonists of Squid Game would have ended up joining. More than two months after its release, the series Squid Game is still talking about her on the Web. And today, the editorial team reveals at which Hogwarts house the main characters would belong. MCE TV tells … Read more