Corona: Kubicki hält Söders Forderung für „unverfroren und unsinnig“

FDP-Vize Wolfgang Kubicki hat eine Forderung von Bayerns Ministerpräsident Markus Söder an die Corona-Politik einer möglichen Ampel-Koalition scharf zurückgewiesen. Die Erklärung Söders, SPD, Grüne und FDP sollten im Bund den Rechtsrahmen für weitere Maßnahmen setzen, „ist unverfroren und unsinnig“, sagte Kubicki der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. Söder wisse genau, dass jeder Landtag, darunter auch der bayerische, gemäß … Read more

FIFA sanctions Honduras for discrimination in game against the United States

The secretary of Fenafuth indicated that the country has been sanctioned by FIFA with 65,000 dollars, because of some 50 or 60 people FIFA sanctioned Honduras for “discriminatory” conduct by some fans during the home game against the United States, from the Concacaf octagonal for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, an official source in Tegucigalpa … Read more

A fight was recorded in the stands of Azteca at the end of Mexico vs. Honduras

Violence was present in the stands after the match of the Mexican National Team at the Coloso de Santa Úrsula The Aztec stadium he again witnessed violent acts. In social networks a video was leaked in which a Fight in the upper part of the Colossus of Santa Úrsula at the end of the match … Read more

Mexico Will Host Honduras With The Goal Of Regaining The Path Of Triumphs And Leadership

After four rounds, the US is in first place with eight points, the same as Mexico, which it leads on goal difference. The Mexican team will host Honduras this Sunday with the goal of adding three points and recovering the path of triumphs, after a couple of draws in the qualifying round of the Concacaf … Read more

Table of positions and results of Matchday 4

The Mexican team could not get the victory in the Azteca Stadium before a fierce Selection of Canada, which complicated the process of the match on the fourth day of the Octagonal Final of the CONCACAF Qualifiers, achieving an insipid tie with which he lost the leadership of the classification. TRI had gone ahead with … Read more

Civil wedding Cristina Iglesias and George Andonie in Honduras

San Pedro Sula. Lovers Cristina Iglesias placeholder image Y George Andonie have celebrated their civil wedding, an occasion to share with their most beloved of Colombia Y Honduras. Photos Alex Muñoz all rights reserved for ICONOS Mag Photogallery here: The moments in the civil wedding of Cristina & George The sons of Stella Espinosa de … Read more

The Rivalry Between Carlo Costly And Keylor Navas In The Honduras Vs Costa Rica

The rivalry between Honduras and Costa Rica is one of the toughest at the Concacaf, because it is even considered as the main classic of Central American football, which is why throughout these duels, certain spikes have been unleashed between players, such as the one experienced by historical footballers of both teams, since the Honduran … Read more