in Morocco, the disappointed hopes of a revival of tourism

Stickers inviting social distancing were stuck on the floor of the airport in Rabat, Morocco on November 29, 2021. Morocco has announced it is suspending air travel from foreign countries for at least two weeks. MOSA’AB ELSHAMY / AP There will be no Christmas in Fez. Before the health crisis, the imperial city of Morocco … Read more

Pregnant, Jessica Iskandar Hopes To Have Another Boy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Artist Jessica Iskandar is currently pregnant with her second child. Recently, Vincent Verhaag’s wife announced that she and her husband were expecting a baby. Apparently, in this second pregnancy, Jessica has a desire to have a son again. This is known from posts on social media Instagram. Also Read: Jessica Iskandar Called Pregnant … Read more

moods, fears, hopes

If we can learn to control our own psychological biases, these reflexes which prevent investment in an objective way, difficult to predict the moods of hundreds of thousands of strangers. ISABELLE ESPANOL Lon September 6, the week started well on the Paris Stock Exchange, the CAC 40 saw pink and gained almost 1%. On the … Read more

With the France 2030 plan, Emmanuel Macron hopes to pose as an “anti-declinist”

The head of state, Emmanuel Macron, presented the France 2030 plan at the Elysee Palace on October 12. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP It is an era cherished by all “declinists”. That of France before. That of the “glorious thirties” and full employment. That of De Gaulle and Pompidou. That of an offensive France on the … Read more

the head of the IEA hopes for an “unambiguous message” from the States in favor of carbon-free energies

Fatih Birol, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, in Oslo, Norway, in November 2019. OLE MOUNTAIN RESTS / AFP Usually published in November, the “World Energy Outlook” (WEO), the reference report of the International Energy Agency (IEA), appears this year a few weeks in advance, Wednesday 13 October. On the eve of the … Read more

Finally Debut, Melisa Hart Hopes The Song No Longer Misses Many Covers: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Being the 4th place winner in the talent search event Indonesian Idol Special Season, singer Melisa Hartanto received a lot of attention from music lovers in Indonesia. Especially after his performance of singing the song “Los Dol” which was popularized by Denny Caknan, it went viral to reach more than 8.5 million views … Read more

the vaccine recommended by the WHO between hopes and uncertainties

A nurse prepares a dose of malaria vaccine at Yala Sub-County Hospital, Yala, Kenya, October 7, 2021. BRIAN ONGORO / AFP On Wednesday October 6, the World Health Organization (WHO) caught the world by surprise by announcing a “Historic moment” in the fight against malaria. While this scourge killed 409,000 people in 2019 – including … Read more

Between Paris and Algiers, a crisis commensurate with the disappointed hopes of Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron during a meeting in memory of the Harkis, at the Elysee Palace, September 20, 2021. GONZALO FUENTES / AP The storm, again. The relationship between Paris and Algiers, subject to cyclical storms, has swung back into an area of ​​strong turbulence after the unusually harsh remarks made Thursday, September 30 by Emmanuel Macron … Read more

Marta Freitas goes from Felgueiras to college and hopes to live “incredible and unforgettable experiences”

Life is made by goals. By completing one, we advance to the next and so on. After all, it’s because of the effort we put in, the spirit of resilience we adopt and the sacrifices we make that we feel fulfilled with each goal achieved. Whether more or less difficult to achieve, more or less … Read more

Paris hopes to obtain a moratorium on Russian law

Bottles of Russian “champagne”, in a small shop in central Moscow, July 3, 2021. ALEXANDER NEMENOV / AFP Discussions have been underway for several weeks between the Russian and French authorities. France “Hope” very soon get a “Moratorium” on the recent Russian law preventing champagne from using its own name in the Cyrillic alphabet, announced … Read more