NASA Confirms Existence of Hundreds of New Worlds Outside Our Solar System

NASA has added hundreds of new confirmed exoplanets to its list of known worlds in deep space, significantly boosting the number of faraway planets we know about. The total number of new confirmed exoplanets is 301, which marks a large increase to the total of 4,569 that scientists have already discovered. The reason that so … Read more

“You will die quickly in a Russian jail”: Sergey Savelyev, the prisoner who leaked hundreds of videos of alleged abuses in Russian prisons

2 hours Caption, Sergey Savelyev is seeking asylum in France, after he leaked videos of alleged abuses inside a prison in Russia. Sergey Savelyev does not appear to be someone who has spent eight years in a Russian prison, secretly collecting videos of alleged torture and beatings of inmates. Short in stature, the 31-year-old Belarusian … Read more

From the gang to the university: the Hispanic who overcame violence and now transforms the lives of hundreds of young people like him | Univision Hispanos News

At age 13, Berto Aguayo was part of a ‘gang’ of the underserved areas of Chicago, something that could have marked the course of his life forever, as it happens with thousands of young Hispanics – and other minorities of color – who many times lack resources and opportunities. The young man tells in an … Read more

CP strike. Hundreds of suspended train connections

By the end of the morning, the scenario was one of strong constraints. This morning, at some stations in the Lisbon metropolitan area, the situation has been “very complicated” with the shortage of trains. Since 7:00 am, there was only one train in the Sintra-Lisbon direction, and the next ones, according to company information, will … Read more

Hundreds of Lebanese protest after Beirut port explosion investigation suspended

In front of the Beirut courthouse, during the demonstration on September 29, 2021 against the suspension of the investigation into the port explosion of August 4, 2020. ANWAR AMRO / AFP Hundreds of Lebanese, including relatives of the victims of the gigantic explosion at the port of Beirut in 2020, demonstrated on Wednesday, September 29, … Read more

So Raffi Ahmad, Sensen and Merry’s assistants can earn hundreds of millions of rupiah per month: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Raffi Ahmad | known to be one of the artists with the most income. In fact, he is known to be included in the list of 5 celebrities with the largest income in Indonesia. Not just him, his two personal assistants Sensen and Merry also splashed the coffers of the presenter’s popularity. They are … Read more

The American dream on hold for hundreds of Afghans trapped in Mazar-e Charif

Satellite image released by Maxar Technologies showing grounded planes at Mazar-e Charif airport in Afghanistan on September 3, 2021. – / AFP After having crossed two of the three roadblocks that lead to Mazar-e Charif airport, the capital of the province of Balkh (northern Afghanistan), guarded by juvenile Taliban with the gaze full of this … Read more

how police commander Mohamed Bida “brought out of hell” hundreds of people fleeing Kabul

Sometimes he risked his life to save hundreds. Mohamed Bida, deputy internal security attach√© at the French embassy in Kabul, has organized the evacuation of several hundred people since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15. On Twitter, the French Ambassador in Kabul, David Martinon, saluted the courage and commitment of this seasoned … Read more

Hundreds of Starlink satellites in one flight? SpaceX on the plan to “switch” to Starship

As of late August 2021, there were 1,616 active satellites in low Earth orbit. All with the slowdown in the expansion of the SpaceX super constellation recorded in recent months – the most recent launch of the Falcon 9 carrier rocket with the “Starlinek” payload took place at the end of June this year, along … Read more

Episode 2 Tale of the Nine Tailed: Reunited after Hundreds of Years : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Episode 2 Tale of the Nine Tailed opens with memories of Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook)’s past as a Mountain Spirit who ruled the Baekdudaegan Mountains. One day, a little girl named Ah Eum came to her resting place. Slowly, he rubbed Yeon’s head who was sleeping. Disturbed by Ah Eum’s treatment, Yeon … Read more