bush hunters under surveillance

By Laurence Caramel Posted today at 01:34 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageTwo hours by canoe from Lastourville, scientists convinced villagers to help them assess the impact of hunting on wildlife. This work also makes it possible to introduce health monitoring to anticipate future zoonoses in these areas identified as at risk. Cyril, a modest bushmeat … Read more

Emmanuel Macron tries to find a ridge line between animal welfare and hunters

Emmanuel Macron, during his visit to the Saint-Adrien refuge of the SPA, in Gray (Haute-Saône), Monday, October 4, 2021. SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP To be elected at the head of the country in 2017, Emmanuel Macron had claimed “And left, and right”. A posture “Beyond the cleavages” he said, which allowed him to navigate between … Read more

the demonstration of hunters besieges downtown Mont-de-Marsan

Posted on 09/18/2021 at 10:12 a.m.Updated on 09/18/2021 at 11:04 am The hunters seem to be winning their bet. At 10 am, this Saturday, September 18, in Mont-de-Marsan, about 13,000 demonstrators had been counted. A figure that could increase further. The umbrella is the essential weapon of this day. The rain was indeed invited to … Read more

Judgment for group rapists in Berlin: Women hunters have to go to jail for ten and a half years | Regional

The men grab young women, drag them into a car, and rape them, sometimes for hours. Again and again. One of the worst of them: Mohammed T. (28), hairdresser from Iraq, father of three. Berlin – On Friday he received the sentence from the regional court for this: ten and a half years imprisonment – … Read more

The Night of the Locust Hunters, Ugandan Green Gold

All photos were taken in central and western Uganda between 2014 and 2020. MICHELE SIBILONI MICHELE SIBILONI There is the locust (or caelifère), with short and thick antennae, herbivorous. It descends on the grain fields and, every ten or fifteen years, sows desolation in the crops, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to India, … Read more