Ian McKellen and his unknown legacy helping young people to live their freedom – Celebs.Cool

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Elliot Page closed 2020 by coming out as a non-binary transgender person. His sexual orientation was not a secret, as the actor from Juno has been one of the members who have given more visibility to the LGTBI collective from Hollywood, but it was in an Instagram post uploaded last December where he made his … Read more

Ian McKellen or Michael Fassbender could appear in WandaVision – Celebs.Cool

WandaVision – 95% officially opened the doors to a possible multiverse where some characters from the X-Men movies – 81% begin to integrate into the MCU. In its fifth episode, the series starring Elizabeth Olsen showed the audience a Scarlet Witch on the defensive with the FBI and SWORD, although perhaps the most personal confrontation … Read more

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Lord Of The Rings Series: Ian McKellen Reacts To The Potential Presence Of Another Gandalf

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Yngwie Malmsteen explains why he didn’t play with Kiss even though it was offered to him and says Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) doesn’t like him

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L’attaque de Van Morrison et Ian Paisley contre le secrétaire à la Santé est qualifiée de «dégoûtante»

Le leader fédéral de l’Ulster, Doug Petty, a qualifié de “dégoûtante” l’attaque sur scène contre le ministre de la Santé d’Irlande du Nord par Sir Van Morrison et un membre du Parlement du Parti démocrate fédéral. Rejoignez Van Ian Paisley à l’hôtel Europa alors qu’il critique Robin Swann après l’annulation tardive des concerts à Belfast … Read more